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akuna bay - coal and candle drive

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by pottsy44, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. out of curiousity what is this road like for the bike?

    - thats if anyway has been around it, it does a bit of a loop if your not familar.
  2. Mccarrs creek itself is great fun, its my local place to fang, I usually go via it on the way to work if the weather is nice.

    The road through the national park (past akuna bay) is also a nice ride, parts have been resurfaced (same for mccarrs) but the road is quite bumpy in there - but if you do mccarrs its worth going through anyway. There is a tollgate but its usually deserted during the week and on weekends I just zip past it at pace. I used to stop and convince them to let me through (as if I'd pay the $7 or whatever it is just to go straight through).

    As I was saying.. mccarrs itself is great fun, follow it through to monavale though as there are some nice curves in that direction, good scenery around bayview/churchpoint as well with all the boats.

    I've got a few vids on my livevideo page, I'll pm you the one that shows my speedo..
  3. It's a great fun road but it is bumpy. I rode a lot slower on Sans Martin Drive than I do on McCarrs' Creek. It's fun. Like phizog said, it has great scenery. I wish I could ride on this road more often.
  4. The road down to Cottage Point is also OK, a few blind corners though, but nice general store for a beer/coffee. Beware - cars coming back from the restaurant can be all over the road.

    So how many times have you done this on a weekend between 9 and 5?

    You have to come out again past a booth. So that's twice there has to be no cars at the booth, and if so the ranger would easily get your details :roll:
  5. If you are heading that way I would recommend bobbin head rd as well, very well cambered corners, problem is that it's a narrow road and there can be lots of big 4wd, so take care when you go through there. From memory the toll is $12.

    Akuna bay, Bobbin Head rd/Ku-ring-ga chase rd and Galston gorge make for one nice short ride.
  6. Less than half a dozen times, due to me generally avoiding that part the weekend. But before I started just riding through I stopped on a dozen separate occasions and talked to them about it - I asked why I should be paying when I'm just going through. They said its for use of the facilities - I said I'm not stopping, so I'm not using anything. They said well its for road maintenance, I said thats a joke, the road quality is crap and isn't funded by the toll anyway. They couldn't respond to that, just let me through.
  7. Very nice ride, sometimes a lot of crap on the road, look out for push bikes, they own that bit of road apparently.
  8. awesome roads mate. only done the "tolled" bit a couple of times, found the surface shit house, poorly signedposted, gravel, generally chinese left over soup. but i havnt done it in a while and have since become to appreciate shitty challenging roads like that. mccarrs ck rd itself is real nice. early morning run on weekend you'll play dodgems with the pushie riders, any other time over the weekend the traffic chokes the place. get it at the right time during the week and you can do the whole 12kms uninterupted.
    these roads are far more fun on a smaller bike, a bit to tight and technical for the thousand, and not very forgiving if you fark a corner. i love doing it on my 250, but i reckon a 400 motard would be ideal.
    another road to try is bobbin head road, goes from bobbin head over to asquith. and a road which i used to not like but after fixing up the 250 yesterday, i went for a blat is Galston gorge road. a tight prick of a road, but given the right machine is an absolute blast. did my first power mono (only about 5 inches off the deck, but on a 250 road i was impressed!!) on the hill climb on the way back up to hornsby. take this road with care, cars and trucks dont seem to remember what a double white line means on this road. and one of our mates can attest to that :cry:

    anyway wtf are you doing asking about it??!?! its a local road, just go and ride the bloody thing!! :cool: