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Akros Tec

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Akros Tec, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Just bought a TGB Akros Tec scooter. Anyone know much about them. Would like to go a bit quicker.

  2. You buy a scooter that you nothing about then you want to make it go faster?

    it produces 4.9ps at 7,500rpm in English, it makes bugger all power.

    If you want to go quicker, buy something bigger than a 50cc.

    However, this post is suspect so I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. here are your answers

    1) they're slow

    2) Drop it out of a plane!
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Nice one.

    4.9ps and they weigh 92kg.

    Out of curiosity, how much do you sell them for?
  5. they arent THAT bad guys!!!

    he wants to know how to de-restrict it, as it has a speed limiter on it.

    they sell for just under the $2500- mark on road
  6. Akros Tec Scooter

    For you smarties. I know it has a two year warranty. It does 58 km per hour straight out of the box. The Aerox is twice the amount and stuggles to do 55 km per hour and costs twice the amount of the Akros, and for what i need it for it is fine. I know that it restricted like most scooters. Was told there was a person on here that also has a Akros and cut a wire and gain almost ten k's an hour from that. So if there is anyone that knows some things about it that would answer the question gr8.

    I have emailed TGB and they are trialing some enhancement its as they call them. Should be on the market in a months time. They will not void the warranty but is to be used off road or racing. :p
  7. Welcome Akros...

    don't take any crap from these motorbike riders.. they're just jealous! :p

    I have removed the 1st restriction as discussed, and am looking at doing other mods after it;'s out of warrantee.. unfortunately they were only offering 1 year when I bought mine...

    For the money, it's features seem to far outweigh other 50cc scoots that I was looking at.

    By the way, what colour did you get??
  8. So.... both your ride's are slow then :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  9. lol.. when did u ride her??

    for a scooter section of the larger forum.. there are alot of bike riders coming in.. why would they do this.. must be scooter envy!! :grin: :p
  10. Don't worry about them. You are right they are just envy you. they can't ride a scooter.
  11. We fascanate them for some reason!

    Definate scooter envy!
  12. :cool:

    good to see not all bike riders feel the same way about scooters!

    seems to be the tin lids bag bike riders, bike riders bag scooters.. doesn't make sense..

    take care of the the little brothers and sisters (scoota riders).. they will most likley graduate to a bike one day soon! :grin:
  13. Oh jeeez stop playin with the kiddies & get a real bike
  14. says the 40 year old with 2 600s?

    why not get a 1000?
  15. Re: Akros Tec Scooter

    Yeah what he said!!!

    Stop being such SMARTIES
  16. Cause Im old enough 2 know my limit & what I'm happy with. Unlike the 21 yr old who still playing with the kiddie scooters :p

    And oh yeah I may also add that your being out done by my 18 & 17 yr olds
    @ least there riding on the 250's none of this scooter nonsence
  17. ppphht.. what a load...

    You must be overcompensating for something.. so we HAVE to buy a bike then?? Not every 17-18 yo has a bike, quite a few I have seen getting around have scooters, and love modding them to make them faster, and if they could afford track time would race them too... And this in a day and age where everyone seems to think the drive to work is the home stretch at Bathurst...

    Why not be totally inconsiderate for the environement and buy a Mach truck.. and oh.. stuff the roads, pedestrians wildlife while we're at it...

    Did you ever stop to think we like scooters for the following reasons:
    1. cost
    2. environmentally friendly
    3. fun
    4. parking (over a car)
    5. no hormonal imbalance that suggests that speed is the only consideration
  18. Hey evilmart,

    Don't get so worked up over it. I think Charmed was saying that stuff a little tongue in cheek. (Weren't you?)

    Don't take it too seriously, most people on this forum who take a stab at scooters are just having a bit of fun. They dont really mean it. And even if they do, who cares? If your really worried about what others think then your days on a scooter could well be quite frustrating.
  19. Yes all in tongue & cheek. Some1 needs to lightin up. Jeeez did I hit a nerve or what? If you cant handle a little fun then you can kiss my :butt:

    And since you want to nit pick ...

    1. cost - do believe we all in the same boat, truth be known Im prob paying more for fuel then you are.
    2. environmentally friendly - Sold the cage
    3. fun - ditto
    4. parking (over a car) - hello parking a bike just as easy as a scooter
    5. no hormonal imbalance that suggests that speed is the only consideration - that soooooooooooooo something like a male would say.
  20. Peeps, I have to say, I get annoyed too. And I seldom bother to post here.

    This part of the Netrider forum is clearly titled scooters. Now, I don't think we have any problem with the bike riders putting in their 2c, (I am often grateful for any tips they care to impart), but there's a few who like to come in here periodically & crap all over us.

    If you want to help us out, or have a laugh great. But if we bug you, & you're just trying to talk us into getting a 'real' machine, then just give this part of the boards a miss.

    Sorry, but it's been annoying me for a while.