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Akrapovic Slip-On Plus Y-pipe on R1 2009 (Utube Sound Test Link Inside)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bleuciel, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. #1 Bleuciel, Dec 29, 2009
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    Hi Friends,

    I'm a new poster to NetRider but been browsing here for a while. :)
    I'm just an Amateur Photographer who wanted to share some pictures of my
    mate's Yamaha R1 which was recently installed with Akrapovic Slip-on + Y-Pipe.

    Hope you guys and gals like the Photos, Have a good day :)




    Last but not least a test of HDR Photography


    For you guys who is thinking about getting an Akra for your R1,
    Here's a link to my Sound test Video in Youtube

  2. Sounds nice.
    What were the AFR's before and after the install?
    Have you used a PCV to map correct or just using it as standard?

    Haven't put a Y pipe on mine yet so just holding off till I can sort out the PCV.
  3. @ FastR1Red - I'm not sure about the AFR before and after.
    My mate also had the PCV but we haven't install it yet on the R1, Just not enough time during that day(need to open the tank and maybe the side fairing to install the PCV).

    the Bike is running really well even without the PCV, we haven't done long rides yet so still not sure how much more fuel does the free flowing Y-pipe and Akra Exhaust would eat up :) but so far so good.

    What he really noticed is less heat near the crotch area thanks to the free flowing Y-Pipe, an a hefty reduction on weight (the original Y-pipe weights around 3 KGish while the Akra Y-pipe is probably less then 500G)
  4. nice shots dude but location for shots is crapola hehe

    plus play with your settings, u have to much white balance coming through, im guessin your doing shutter speed shots?
  5. Cheers mate :)
    Yeah, Location wasn't thoroughly planned :D

    Nope, I'm using manual input, all of those shots are using different settings as I'm experimenting on the effects.
    White Balance I always set it to 0 on the SLR, since you can tweak that later on, perhaps I over did it in PhotoShop XD

    Thanks for your input, it's always good to receive feedback from fellow enthusiast on Photography or Motorcycle to gain more knowledge :)