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Akrapovic or two brothers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by discocbr, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Just wondering people's idea's on exhaust systems(slip on's) looking to upgrade and wanna know what one's seem to give the best performance and sound! Cheers......

  2. slip ons are mainly for looks and sound.if you want power go a full system..but for looks out of the two you mentioned i reckon the akra..
    personly though i love the yoshi.. :cool:
  3. yoshi hmmm will look it up when you look at the cost slip on $600 full system $1800 is a big difference....
  4. think i might go the akrapovic fits the lines of the bike a bit better
  5. yep,it does.
  6. def' akra....
  7. +1! Akra all the way!
  8. I have a TBR on the daytona and it sounds awesome! a little deeper than stock and has a crackle to it when i back off on the revs. My bike mechanic used to be a team tech for honda gp team and says they were happy with them back in the old days. Mind you I have no idea how long ago that was
  9. Akro

  10. I disagree. Many slip ons will give a nice increase in the mid range. Maybe not on a 250 but on a bigger bike you can get 5-9hp with a race can.

    Personally I prefer the Akrapovic. The yoshi's are like clits. Every c@#nts got one.
  11. Or you could try a Jardine...the carbon dual outlet pipe looks and sounds awesome :)
  12. Akrapovic, looks good and sounds good.
  13. go the two brothers if you want a fire. The magnesium end caps have been known to catch fire destroying a bike.

    I just fitted a leo vince ti can. fcuk me the sound is awesome. Might have to put the baffle back in :)

    Think outside the square. Be different and get something not every gino has :grin:
  14. both awesome, power gains are similar. i'd go with two brothers just because every1 goes akrapovic.