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Akrapovic Full System for K1300S

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by PaulC, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Having had the K1300 for 18 months, I decided that it was time for a mid-life upgrade. Casting about for exhausts, as you’d expect there’s not a billion options out there, but Akrapovic had a nice range and in the end I selected the full system with carbon fibre can.

    The system was purchased from the US for $1300 and arrived six days later. Inspection showed it to be a well made unit, with no flaws visible in the welding or carbon fibre, pretty much everything you need to fit other than the tools is included in the box. So far so good for Mr Akrapovic.

    This morning left me with a free few hours, so I determined that the time was optimal to strip off the Tupperware and fit the new goodies. Install took a total of about 2 hours total with the removal of the OEM system. Fit is very good, no bending things to gain clearance or forcing things into place. Also noticeable was how light this system is compared to the OEM unit; not sure on the numbers, but it feels at least half the weight.

    A 200km test ride found a noticeable performance increase, but most markedly the bike is much smoother with the occasional throttle hesitation that was previously evident now banished, response is always instant.

    Noise? Yeah, it’s louder, but not obnoxiously so. From idle to 6000rpm it’s not much louder at all but rather deeper and with more growl. Above this mark, it’s frankly not for the shy and retiring; when I was returning from my shakedown ride, my wife heard it coming from a couple of km away from inside the house and my house is 700 metres off the road! It should be noted that the machine was being ridden in a ‘spirited’ manner at this time and one presumes that your shy and retiring types do not spend a lot of time at 10000rpm anyway.

    Overall, a very good upgrade in my books.

    Obligatory before and after pictures.


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  2. Very nice system PaulC.... ;-)

    Was there a rumour about some nice new lightweight wheels for this too??
  3. You can't 'convince' the heel protectors from the original system to fit with the new exhaust?

    It's a lot longer, too, isn't it?

    Post up an audio file :LOL:.
  4. Now chop about 100mm out of the can, perfect.
  5. After the Power Commander mate. One step at a time.

    Wondered how long it'd take you to notice me here :)
  6. Yeah, I'd be happier if it was shorter; but there really isn't a lot of options for this machine sadly.
  7. Hey mate,

    Nice addition. I have a couple of questions.

    1) Have you done a before and after Dyno run? Might be something worth thinking about with the Power Commander coming online next ;-)

    2) Does it affect fuel consumption? I know its a bit of a woose out for power increase BUT if it drastically kills range then it makes the bike a little less capable as a long distance tourer.

    Cheers Spocky
  8. Didn't do a dyno; wanted to but in the end didn't find the time.

    Not sure on fuel consumption, I've done about 550km since Saturday and can't say I've noticed anything unusual. I'll look to see what the onboards are reporting.
  9. Sounds like a plan....add power, then shed some weight...! :)
  10. Re: Fuel consumption

    I reset the average consumption counter before heading home last night, and after the 180km round trip it's showing that consumption is down from 5.2/100 to 5.1/100.

    Sure these things are generally not exactly scientific instrument accurate, but overall it would seem that at worst, things have not deteriorated in that area. Makes sense given that the engine can now breathe easier and thus would be running more efficiently.
  11. Had a Power Commander fitted last week, power at the wheel went from 154HP to 167HP. I have the chart but it's not overly useful as it shows power/speed, which is far from an ideal metric.

    It runs better/smoother after the tune.
    Increase in power is decidedly noticeable.
    The odd vibration from 7000/7500 RPM which is endemic to K1300's is gone. I found this interesting as I always thought it was a harmonic thing.
    Fuel consumption has dropped to 4.9/100 in daily usage.
    It steadfastly refused to idle properly when hot.

    The last item is somewhat compelling; more power and smooth running is nice, but I do like a bike to idle as constantly stalling when slowing down makes one look somewhat uncouth. Surging then stalling at lights just makes you look plain stupid.

    After putting up with the stupidity for 24 hours to see if things would settle then disconnecting the battery for 8 hours to ensure an ECU reset to rule out foolishness there, I made some edits to the idle mixture by adding +5/10 at zero throttle from 750/1500RPM. This has alleviated the issue to a large degree, though a little surging is still evident upon occasion. I will keep tweaking until I get it right.

    Naturally enough, anyone reading this is likely to ask "Why in the name of Spaghetti Monster didn't you query the tuner about this?" which is a more than fair position. Fact is I did and was told "I didn't adjust the idle in any way". Let that settle for a moment then reconsider it, the bike idled perfectly with the exhaust and filters done, then idled like a cold whipper snipper when the only changes was what the tuner had performed. Yes my friend, you may not have fiddled with the idle mixture, but perhaps you should have?

    The bike runs well now, in fact very well and is definitely an improvement over what it was prior to the addition of the Power Commander and the tune, but the bottom line is that I have no faith whatsoever in the attention to detail paid to the tuning process. It may be ideal other than the idle but I have no real proof one way or the other and I certainly have evidence that absolutely no attention was paid to the idle.

    My plan at this juncture is to add an Autotune module so that I can capture some live data off the bike and see what going on in there. I suspect that it will show that things are generally fine, but it's not really what one would hope would be needed to confirm this.

    Overall, an annoyance, but far from a major one. The improvement in the machine is obvious, I just suspect that it could be slightly better.