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Akrapovic Exhaust Ninja 250r 2008

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bob66, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Hey there,

    I've been offered 750-799 for Akrapovic exhaust on my 2008 ninja 250r. Is that a fair price or will be better off buying from ebay? That said, i've never used ebay and am a little worried as it is a fair bit of cash going on.

    Ps. I'm from Bris and that was a quote from Teammoto. I'm getting all of my gears from there unless springwood suzuki gives me a better deal today.

  2. Bob - to give you a comparison, I paid 1050 for my pipe (carbon fibre) brand new. Regarding buy from ebay, look at the sellers feedback, make sure they have at least 99% if not 100% positive feedback from a fair few people. I.e. if a sellers has 99% positive reviews from 5000 people, chances are you will be fine. Furtheremore, read the negative comments people left, if its simple stuff like "box was damaged" who cares, but things like "item was damaged/did not arrive" etc should ring alarm bells.

    Good luck.
  3. Springwood suzuki should easily do a better price then team moto.
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    Hi Bob66,

    Go and find someone who already has that exhaust and see how it sounds, or even youtube it if you can't find anyone else with the exhaust.

    If your interested in buying a cheapo one from eBay, a friend recently had an eBay pipe put on his 08 ninja 250r that sounds great.
    A youtube clip of his bike can be heard here: [media=youtube]Z9eOU7cc2Wg[/media] and the link is also in the eBay link.


    The seller is from Melb and I was there when my friend got it put on. Looked relatively easy to do.

    If your set on the Akrapovic exhaust you might want to buy it online cheaper (Just did a quick google search and found it for under $450) and fit it yourself/get it fitted locally. That being said, if funds permit support local.

    P.S. Mods, if the eBay link breaks the advertising/posting rules please feel free to remove.
  5. Dont know why anyone would pay that much for an exhaust on a 250..

    Just chuck a cheapy on, dont pay more than 400 from the states (either US store or just ebay). Should be plenty of different ones to choose from.
  6. i bought a full carbon fibre akrapovic for my ninja for $450 from More Power Racing in the U.S. http://www.morepoweracing.com/c54ll...50/2008-2009/c-1-71-73-725-10063-48218-48219/

    Shipping was about $140, despite this, it was cheaper than the usual $900 they were going for at the time in melbourne.

    They were good to deal with, i even spoke to them over the phone, took a couple of weeks to get here though but all the dealers here would've had to order from the U.S. anyway, so i waited impatiently.
  7. oh man. i WISH Akro made pipes for RS125s...
    i'd hit that s**t like it owed me money!
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    Made a nice change to the sound
  9. hey there ! after giving it some thought, i decided to forgo the exhaust at the moment and invest more on gears. got an arai instead of a hjc now ! and a really cool leather jacket and oggy knobs. and if i were to get an exhaust, i might just invest in a yoshi. cheap. real cheap. thanks for your help guys. made me realise that akrapovic just isn't the way to go at the moment.
  10. Good decision to go for gear before bling.
    Owning a ninja 250 there are a few other things i would recommend such as tyres (stock ones are shite) and also a fender eliminator.

    As for the Akro pipe my flat mate has one on his ninja 250 and he loves it, it does sound good and having heard the yoshy and that next to each other it is obvious why the yoshy is cheaper. if you're forking out for an exhaust on the 250 it mayswell be a good one! Looks sweat too.

    $750-799 is a good price for that pipe, i work at a bike store on the coast and rrp is about 900.