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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. has any one seen the mega-manga akira??
    what are u thoughts?
    especially on the bike ( as in if its actually possible???) :shock:

  2. Saw it bout 15 years ago....

    Ulta violence.....gotta love it :)
  3. top movie. dont know if the bike is possible though. I like the part when they start shooting the Sol everywhere
  4. Suzuki have a concept bike that is "Akira inspired" it is more of a scooter though with automatic gear box...
  5. IMHO;
    Akira is still the best ever anime/manga!
    (with GITS being the closest contender)

    Kaneda's bike is awesome,
    with features such as;
    - ceramic, double-rotor two-wheel drive,
    - computer-controlled anti-lock brakes
    - 200 horsepower at 12,000 RPMS!
    - okay to lower the rev below 5,000 while changing gears

    one lasting memory is when the leader of the clown's rides no handed during the fight scene,
    visually it gives the impression that he steering/riding with his mind.

    was introduced to the movie back in '92
    when a mate showed a mock-up model of Kaneda's bike
    that he was inspired to make for himself after seeing the movie.

    ever since seeing the movie i have thought about the dynamics of the like and how it would feel to ride it.
    can imagine it would feel like a cross between riding an extremely choppered bike,
    and one of those three-wheeled green machines that you would have ridden as kid,
    that were so cool for doing rear-wheeled power slides.

    over the years i have considered making a life sized mock-up,
    and soon hope to have the means to do so.

    good reference pages;