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airy engine noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ards, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. i've done about 800km's on my 1st bike a zzr250, and i was riding it tonight, when it started to sound as though it was struggling a bit through mid range revs (around 6-9k rpm). Nothing in the ride in particular but it sounded as though it wasn't quite so powerful.

    i filled up the tank with mobil 8000 a ride or two ago and its been filled with that since i've had it, but it just sounded funny. i didn't really get to hear it properly cause i didn't want to rev it too much when i got home and took my helmet off, cause of the neighbours and such.

    what possible problems could cause this type of thing? Would is just be something to do with the muffler? maybe time for some new oil, although its been serviced and its only a tiny bit down on the level. Any ideas are welcome, i'm gonna call the mechanic tom, cause i was gonna take it in for a checkup soon anyway...

    and another total newb question. What are the two numbered dials on each of my handle bars right next to the brake and clutch level numbered 1 through 4?? Just though i'd kill 2 birds..

    thanks heaps
  2. Struggling for power? Its a ZZR, they dont have much power :LOL:

    When was the last time you put fuel in it? Try turning it onto reserve and see what happens.

    As for the dials they are the span adjustment. It changes the distance between the bar and the lever. If youve got small hands you can wind them in a bit to make it easier to reach the levers.
  3. ards no suggestion for your mystry sound problem,
    but Ide say the numberd dials your asking about are your span adjusters for your brake and clutch levers.
    No 1 is usually widest posible span 4 narrowest play with them and see which setting suits you best.
    Cheers and god luck with your other problem :)

    OPPS to slow cowboy allready got it :oops:
  4. Heya Ards, I use Mobil 8000 when I'm in Sydney and it doesn't cause any problems on my bike.

    After about 8-9k, the ZZR's like a woman, all noise and that's about it :p *running away and hiding* but if it's struggling at 6k then something might be astray. The only time I've had a significant power loss was when it was absolutely pouring down raining on the freeway, and when I'm going faster than about 70-80km/h due to the bike being underpowered.

    To adjust your span adjusters you need to push the levers away from you (towards the dash) then turn the knobs.

    Hope that helps :)
  5. Maybe the birds are stuck in your muffler?
    You may have to start it up tomorrw and go for a blat so you can better identify what is going on.
    From what you are describing so far it sounds like a fuel supply issue.
  6. 800kms.... is that what you have done on the bike, and it is a new bike. or is that what you have done on it since youve got it and has a quite a few KMS on it???

    if it is a second hand bike, the last owner may have given it a service which constituted changing the oil, and filter... but neglected to do the plugs and air filter

    check the air filter, if that is clogged full of crap it will need to be cleaned or maybee replaced... and would explain why it loses a bit of power when you give it a bit