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Airport Security

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Sparrar, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Does anybody else think these minimum wage earning security guards are simply on a "little bit of power" trip and probably wouldn't know a weapon if it was shoved up their proverbial?

    Recently I watched as a woman travelling alone with a baby and a stroller and all that comes with that, struggle thru the scan without any assistance from these protectors. I know it's not their job to help but I'm sure it's also not in their job description to NOT help. I tried to but was told "sir step back", I had to laugh.

    And they clearly take pleasure in having the pilots remove everything but their jocks in search of a weapon they don't actually need to take control of the aeroplane because, guess what? They already have control of it.
  2. lol i have a mate that works there as security, keeps telling me hes a fed and has more power than the police, what a crock of shit, just a measly security guard that calls the feds when they suspect someone, i asked him where were you when the bikie fight was on, all i got was BUT BUT BUT BUT, i lol'd
  3. I work as a security guard too and even after 15 years in the industry, all you are ever going to be is merely a civilian in a uniform with absolutely no more power than joe or joesephine blogs.

    It's clowns like your mates that ruin it for those that enjoy the work that they do

    Typical young cowboy though. :roll:
  4. ye hes known to talk it up

    not even a close mate btw, distant mate
  5. Know exactly what you mean, Sparrar.

    I just love being in my 'undercover' attire when dropping off my girlfriend at the airport during our visits to each other. This attire (in winter, of course) would be a scruffy 2 week old beard/goatee, beanie etc. You know what I mean...nice 'cozy' clothing, not your weekend 'Long Room' attire.

    Three out of three cases, I've been pulled to the side, after being screened, for an 'explosives' test.
    I have no qualms doing yet another 'screening' and respect our country's security procedures, and the safety of the aviation industry and all passengers/humanity alike.
    What I LOVE though is seeing their expression change as soon as I mention I am 'Airport Staff'...mostly, they are as nice as pie after that :LOL:

    Go figure...

    And yes...I can relate to almost being down to my jox once..but that was in Seattle..and the Yanks just love possessive power !
    "Get off MY train", I once heard a tram conductor (in San Fransisco) say to an old lady struggling to find a spare seat amongst tourists on an overly crowded tram.....a total disgrace !
  6. is it against the law if a contractor neglects to remove his victorinox swiss-card from his wallet, and finds himself 'armed' on the 'secure' side of the fence in an international terminal, laughing his ass off at the illusion of safety? not once, but half a dozen times?

    once last year, when i was a vm, one of the guards tried to convince me i didn't need my tools (a philips-head and a stanley-style knife) to do my job.
    our work was booked in, so luckily i didn't waste more than 2 breathes dealing with someone who's great aspiration in life is to guard small gateways and i left him to his little rhetoricals on doing my job