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airport parking melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by csgup1, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. hey guys. im heading upto perth for a couple of days . just wondering if i can ride in and leave my bike at the airport for 3 days??? how much will this set me back??

  2. there's bike parking in the short term parking. don't know what it costs or if I'd leave a bike there for 3 days. try one of the private long term places that will lock it up under cover and have a shuttle bus to the airport
  3. Just don't use Andrews Airport Parking.
  4. err..You're supposed to pay? :eek: :? :?:

    I always exit via the foot path.
  5. Last time I checked, parking was free. Sufficient gap at the boom gates to pass by.

    Plenty of designated motorcycle bays.

  6. Amen to that
  7. Why is that? I just used them for my car and everything went smoothly...
  8. When we were down in Melb a few weeks, back
    We picked mum up @ the airport ...

    HOLLY SHIT ... got lost. The last time I was @ the airport, you parked out the front & had to walk for ages it seemed if you couldnt get close . None of this long / short term multi level car stuff

    Oh yeah & cost us $20 for an hour

  9. Last time i booked my car in they booked it in wrong and expected me to pay for it when i returned. A 45 minute argument @ 11:00 pm i was on my way home without paying. When picked up from airport the dumbass on the radio played a joke on the driver and told him to go back to pickup another passenger, we did a circle only to findout that there was no other passenger. So the dumbass delayed my getting home twice in 1 night. And now i will never use them again after that treatment.
  10. When I pick up someone at the airport I get them to ring me once they get their luggage and I meet them out front, if it's an overseas relative the rest of the clan goes in and waits and I wait down the road for the call.

    I find somewhere legal to park near the airport although Operations Rd (the road to the Control Tower) has a few parking areas to watch planes.

    Don't park on the freeway as plod has been known to book anyone stopped there.
  11. you can park at macca's for about 1/2 an hour.
  12. I've also gone in on a bike once, along with a friend following in a car.
    The plan was I leave and come back in with another ticket so they can pay less.
    I got lost and they went out.
    But you can try something like that I suppose.
  13. I've wondered about this before so you got me web searching.

    From http://www.melbourneairport.com.au/to_from_airport/parking/index.asp
    But there is no mention of costs for bike parking so I guess it's free.....
  14. Or you leave by going through the rental car exit because the bikes will fit between the poles they have seperating it from normal car park.
    I just remembered that.
  15. Max time for pickup / drop off @ front of terminals, 1 minute.
    WTF ... they do speed testing on getting in & out of car along with luggage now
  16. I have used Andrews parking twice (with my bike) and have had no problems at all... They also looked after my helmet and jacket during that time.... They were prompt, affordable and secure.....
  17. I had used them in the past and they had been good but the last time with tow incidents in the one booking that was it. So now i just leave the car @ home and get a driver to pick me up if i'm going away 4 a couple of weeks.
  18. A while ago I rang the Melbourne Airport and asked about parking for bikes. I was told to go around the barrier on entry, and park in the designated bike spot and then go around the barrier on exit.

    If in doubt give them a call.
  19. Just checked since I might be using bike parking shortly... and this is still the current advice. Parking area is under a multilevel access ramp near the exit. Leave by going around the boom gate. I was advised that if I park in car park bay, I'd be expected to pay... not sure how they'd enforce that.

    So, parking is notionally free, you can get a ticket if you want, but the boom sensors don't pick up most bikes... so you'd probably be forced to go around anyway.

    There you go. :)

    By the way, short term parking rates are pricey - it's no wonder I saw heaps of cars waiting on the side of the freeway and other roads on my little jaunt today:

    Duration Fares
    0-20 mins $2.00
    20-40 mins $6.00
    40-60 mins $10.00
    1-2 hrs $18.00
    2-3 hrs $18.00
    3-4 hrs $30.00
    4-10 hrs $30.00
    10-24 hrs $42.00
  20. Rob, I thought those were cars that were from RBT's? I see the same on the Eastern early morning on the outbound.