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Airport parking & gear storage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by offtrack, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I'm flying interstate for the day, and am wondering if anyone has tips or experience with parking the bike at Tullamarine, and what to do with your gear?

    I can leave the helmet with the bike, and I dont mind wearing the jacket on the plane (wonder if it will help me survive a crash!!!!), but are there any other options like locker hire for the day?

    Google showed a kiosk business for bag storage, but I thought someone might have personal experience?

    Also, is there parking with CCTV overlooking the bikes? I've searched a few threads and came up with hits for stollen bike at airports.](*,)

    Cheers in advance!
  2. No storage at the airport.
    Why not just take it with you as carry-on or check it?
    Alternatively, some of the off-site airport parking businesses have some storage facilities available.
  3. I have take a helmet on as carry on, both on domestic and international.

    Dont wear it, it freaks out the other passengers.
  4. All the gear, ALL the time.=D>
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  6. Im doing the same thing as Offtrack this wednesday. Im keen to learn about the parking.

  7. I'll post up tomorrow.

    Jacket and pants just squeeze into a backpack, so gear is sorted.
  8. lock your bike up good n proper at the airport have read on this site in fact of a bike being stolen from there
  9. My insurance had lapsed actually, which I didn't mind! Its amazing how much safer you ride when you arent insured!!!

    Anyway, I renewed after finding a whole series of "Bike stolen from Airport" threads!

  10. Well listen up, mate, because I'd hate for you to make the same mistakes that I did.

    I parked in the Short Term parking, and accidentally pushed 'print receipt' after someone used the auto pay machine.

    Then I accidentally found myself at the back of the carpark, and accidentally took the wrong exit and ended up on the road near the McDonnalds. Upon realising my mistake, I realised there was no machine or boom gate, and I couldn't get back in to pay the $55....

    So dont make those mistakes.:angel:
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  11. Ahh you're so clumsy mate ;)
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    I actually stopped at the exit once on my way out and explained to the attendant that upon entry the gates don't register bikes.
    He then politely pointed me to the boom gate on the far right which is shorter than the rest and told me I don't have to pay and off I went.
    I think they are used to bikes not paying because of entry gates not recognizing bikes.