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AirHawks - What size fits my Ninja 250r 2012?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by aedalat, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. For the last few hours I am searching online to find out which Airhawk seat should I buy for my Ninja 250r? Has anyone of you guys bought any of those? Have you fitted it on Ninja 250r? Please share your experience.

  2. Cruiser will fit. Thats what i have and it fitted r1, the zx6 the buell, and the shadow.

    Acutally pretty universal.

    They are awesome.
  3. Can't help you specifically with sizing for your 250r , but I've got the medium cruiser size one for my zx9r that I use for trips . Works well . Not sure how the size of the zx9r seat compares to yours . Best thing to do would be go to your nearest bike shop and ask them .
  4. Thanks guys, I was able to find a website advising I need to buy a small pillion one and use it sideways!!! Strange fit! Once I find out I will post it here! Internet needs to know this :)
  5. I bought my wife the pillion pad and she's very happy with it. Both of us tried it sideways as that seemed logical but found it much more effective mounted longitudinally as the makers recommend. The straps fit better that way too. As someone here on Netrider once said, the difference between too bouncy and comfy is just a breath. You'll be amazed at how little air it takes for them to be comfortable without losing contact with the bike.
  6. I have a small pillion on my street triple. But normal way
  7. I found the seats in a good price on revzilla, the problem is pillion seats cost almost double the cruiser Pad. Cruiser pad is for 90$ and pillion starts from 160! I cannot justify the difference between these two, does anyone know why there is this huge gap?
  8. Im guessing the cruiser pad is polyurethane construction and the pillion is neoprene . Check out the Australian distributor website www.airhawk.com.au/ for explanation . They list small pillion pad in polyurethane for $119 .
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  9. Check they are the same and that one is not an orginal airhawk and the other an airhawk 2. The inside pillow is made of different stuff plastic vs rubber I think from memory
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  10. You guys are absolutely right, the cheaper one is AirHawk2 made from neoprene and the more expensive one is the original AirHawk made from polyurethane. I am leaning toward the cheaper one as the site claims AirHawk2a are Identical to the original Airhawk except the inner bladder is made of polyurethane and also Polyurethane is much lighter, thinner and does not stretch as much as neoprene.
    Any thought on that? Has someone tried them both before?
  11. Just had a look at mine . It's an AH2 medium cruiser , so polyurethane , had it couple of years - no problems with it , but I don't use it on a daily basis , only when I go away on a trip .
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  12. If you buy local you can return it if it's not right with just a restocking fee, well worth it as I returned mine. Cheep insurance if it's the wrong size or you don't like it

  13. Can you please share your story? Why did you return it? Size was not right or you did not like the AH? if the later can you please explain what you did not like about it.
  14. Well, I got the R version plus 200 and I tried it and just did not feel as I expected and thought it maybe because it was too wide so I exchanged for a medium cruiser in the airhawk2 and didnot like the airhawk2 so sent it back and got my money back.
    Thinking back I should have just kept it..... I often think about buying another it was just a the time not as plush as I would have expected. I have a beaded bead rider seat, it is a surprise. I have a gel pad, crap. And a sheepskin pad, happest with this. I have even tried a seat concept seat, it was really bad. In the end mostly just best to get used to the seat.
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  15. I think airhawks being "plush" or cushy or comfy is a common misconception . That's certainly what I was expecting .
    The thing is , they're designed to be run with very little air in them - if you have too much air in it , it's like sitting on an air mattress or inflatable pool lounge or something - eg it won't be very comfortable at all .
    The idea is that the air moves around inside the internal channels and stops / minimises painful pressure points from happening .
    May be wrong here , but I believe it was originally developed for use in hospital beds to prevent bed sores for patients unable to get out of bed (eg mate of mine who spent 9 weeks in hospital flat on his back after an accident) .
    You need to experiment a little with the amount of air to find the right amount for you , but really they require very very little air in them .
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  16. Put it this way - I've done 1000km days prior to getting my airhawk but was uncomfortable from about 3-400km and really uncomfortable bordering on pain from 550km+ .
    With the airhawk I can go 600km with no discomfort and it's not till 8-900km before I start to feel any discomfort .
    But the biggest bonus is getting back on the bike the next day and starting fresh , where previously without the airhawk I would still be sore from the previous day .
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  17. This is the main reason I want to buy it. I had surgery on my lower back before and that's why any cruise for more than 90 minutes on my ninja250 hurts me very bad on the back! Buying an AH2 I am hoping to minimise the pain! Weather is lovely and Brisbane has so many wonderful spots to ride my Ninja that I do not wanna miss out just because of the seat :)
  18. Ok , well TBH I don't know if an airhawk will solve that issue , they're really more for stopping numb bum / saddle sore problem but it may help . I'd recommend talking to the Australian distributor that I mentioned earlier and see what they say .
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  19. Consider bar risers as well as the seat pad.
    Your back will thank you.
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  20. You need to do back exercises and other exercises to strengthen your core initially. After a bit you will have the fitness.