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Airhawk (updated)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Metricryder, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. After my trip from Adelaide to Torquay, via the GOR, and back last month I knew that I'd have to do something. The saddle on the XVS1100 is fine for short trips, but on longer runs I was starting to get a serious case of 'baboon butt'.

    So the other day I shelled out $180 and bought an Airhawk cushion to soothe my flaming arse. I tried it out yesterday on a ride from Elizabeth to Cape Jervis, about a 250 km round trip.

    It was very comfortable to sit on and raised my seat height about a half inch which made quite a change to my seating position. My legs were more comfortable in the new position and there was none of the usual shifting around to ease tired or cramping thighs after a couple hours riding.

    The valve on the airhawk is a screw-in type which makes it easy to adjust and pretty secure once you've inflated it to the desired pressure. I did over inflate it at first which made bumpy roads a bit of an adventure :shock: but it was easy to adjust to a less solid level.

    The only drawback to the Airhawk was a slight feeling of . . . disconnection . . . from the saddle. I've always been a 'seat of the pants' rider and will often use a 'shift of the arse' to hurl the bike sideways when it suddenly becomes necessary to change lanes in a hurry. Like when a blind driver decides that they absolutely have to be in the space that you are currently occupying. It's a useful maneuver that requires a touch more effort with the Airhawk. No doubt I will adapt.

    I'm very pleased with the Airhawk and must get one for my pillion. Although she enjoyed the ride, the brick that masquerades as a pillion pad on the Yamaha, left her feeling a bit sore. :(

    But I cant help wondering why I'd shell out another load of cash for a pillion airhawk, when I have an inflatable camping pillow sitting unused in the bottom of my wardrobe? :-k
  2. Just gave the Airhawk a real test.

    Monday: Adelaide to Portland via Mount Gambier
    Tuesday: Portland to Ballarat via Colac and Geelong
    Wednesday: Rest day in Ballarat
    Thursday: Ballarat to Beachport via Horsham, Coleraine and Mount Gambier
    Friday: Beachport to Adelaide via Robe and Kingston SE.

    A short(ish) 4 day jaunt which saw the Airhawk deliver stellar performance. Well worth the initial cash investment. :grin:

    Edit: Unfortunately while I was away the pillion found the receipt for the original Airhawk. She's now demanding one of her own on the grounds of 'my arse is worth at least as much as yours is!' :(
  3. :LOL: :LOL:

    Thank you - enjoyed that laugh!