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airhawk review

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bigwheels, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. I have had an airhawk seat for a few weeks and thought I would post up my observations for anyone thinking of buying one.

    I inflated the airhawk cushion and went for a quick spin around the block. Seemed ok but noticed more weight on my wrists and lucky I have long legs top compensate for the extra seat height. Next day I was able to head off for a day trip.

    However half an hour into the trip the bloody thing was causing more discomfort than the original seat and I was thinking I had wasted my money. Turns out I had it inflated way to hard!. I let some air out and while it was more comfy it was now rising up between my legs and tingling my bag of fruit!:woot:

    Over a couple of more trips I have slowly let more air out each time until I was happy with it. I can see why the distributor offers a 60 day refund cos it takes a while to get it set just right.

    Apparently you should be able to feel the air transfer ever so slightly from side to side when you move your butt. It almost looks flat but is working just fine now. This has also alleviated the extra weight on the wrists and is only about five mm taller than the original seat height.

    I don`t think I will be doing 1000k`s and being fresh to go again like some of the people in the advertisments but then again I get a sore bum sitting in the car for three hours. My name is bigwheels not bigbutt and I don`t have a lot of padding.

    Is it worth the cash? After four rides and a bit of fiddling,.......yes. I just got home from a day ride, 450km`s and whilst my butt is a bit sore I just realised I wasn`t shuffling aroung on the home stretch. Usually I end up putting my feet on the rear footpegs and leaning on the tankbag to give my butt some respite. I have also tried siitng on the pillion seat for a short time, Yes I have bigarms to go with my bigwheels! I didn`t have to try any of these antics today which was terrific.

    Also seems to be well constructed and whatever the base is made of, it stays where you put it, whether you use the straps or not. So quality isn`t an issue but at the price it shouldn`t be either.
  2. Soon as I started reading the thought of too much air came straight to mind. Mine hardly has any air in it. It is like sitting on air & at times I can feel my butt gently going from side to side. Hasn't raised the height of the seat by much. Maybe 3-4 mm.

    Best accessory there is although it does look like dog balls. :moped:
  3. I like the idea of one of these but they do look ghey!!

    Bigwheels, did you think, even for a split second, that a thread reviewing a product might belong in the "Reviews" sections??????

    No, really, allow me ;)
  4. Out of curiosity, How much does one of these cost?
  5. Hey Vic, yes they do look gay, about as fashionable as a haemmorhoid cushion! Who cares when it works. Golly I didn`t see the Reviews section, Fortunately my riding skills are better than my computor literacy. Move it if you like, lighten up and go for a ride!:moped:
  6. i have an Airhawk too...
    i don't use it much though because it's just soo outrageosly super gay!...no, that's not the real reason...i just don't like it for winding roads or any riding where you need to shift your weight around on the bike...i don't even like having it on for just day to day riding.
    but!..for long trips, long boring straight stretches it's an absolute neccessity and it really works!!..i lost 5 kilos in just 3 weeks!...no i did'nt really, that was another lie sorry...but how it works is the mesh side panels let the air circulate between my firm hard buttocks and my firm hard seat...keeping me fresh as a daisy down there...i've tried a gel pad, but gel gets hot, way hot!...so airhawk for long trips = don't leave home without it.
  7. Take a look over at the AirHawk Guy.

    Two types. I got the cheapest. Going to get one for the pillion as well.
  8. I'm with Monkeyman.

    Great for longer trips and I really felt the difference, even on the Viffer.

    Well recommended.

  9. I have the medium size airhawk for my bike and it does a pretty good job of reducing numbus buttus. I still think I might need taller bars to help a bit more.
  10. Did a 3 day cruise with the airhawk last week. It worked very well. Without the air cushion my backside would start aching after 45 minutes to an hour. With the airhawk though I easily put in 8 hours of riding with just petrol/drink stops and one half hour lunch break.:angel:
  11. Am thinking of getting either the airhawk or a custom seat made for my ZRX.

    how good is airhawk compared to a custom made seat with extra foam?
    Motorbike riding includes both the twistys and long straights. Shifting weight would be important for the twistys, how does airhawk handle that?

    On extreme cases, with most of the stock seats, a small 5mins stop every 100kms does go a long way when covering big miles. Get used to doing long straights more, and you can push around 200kms before you stop for a nice 10min break and fuel.
  12. I looked at these - I find the Hornet seat much too hard and narrow on the long straight rides I tend to do. But, then, I don't like to spend money: was thinking maybe of trying an inflatable $10 cushion from a camping store instead.
  13. $150+

    The small pillion version tends to work fine on many narrow seated sportsbikes.

    Although they look atrocious, I can vouch for them working, they can turn a bike/seat that is barely ridable for more than 1-2hrs at a time to one you can ride all day.

    And hey, no one can see it while you are on the bike :)
  14. I have one that I use on my R1, definately makes it more comfortable when riding, doesn't squash the nuts as such.
    Also have one in the truck, when doing 400kms per day, you notice the difference with and without one on the seat.
  15. I have one and it worked ok but it's nothing compared with having your seat custom fitted. Since re-working my seat (which is cheaper if you do it yourself AND don't stuff it up) I haven't used the Airhawk at all.

    By the way, extra foam doesn't necessarily mean better comfort. I replaced the standard foam in my seat with hard foam that's cut to the right shape (and less of) and it's MUCH better than standard.
  16. how do you get your seat custom fitted? what is involved?
  17. I did it myself. I just looked at some of the instructional websites, purchased some seat foam and motorcycle seat vinyl and bingo. Well not quite bingo - there was a lot of fine tuning involved and it took weeks.

    I'm in the process of making myself a "touring only" seat at present.
  18. good stuff. post some pics. love the backyard sollutions
  19. can u give us those links?