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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fast, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. What's the correct way to clean a foam airfilter and can you use motoroil on it?

  2. clean it solvent (check with manual) and then wash with warm soapy water and rinse with hose.

    Squeeze out excees water BUT DO NOT WRING IT!!!
    just squashi it between 2 sheets of timber or other flat planes.

    Let it dry naturally and then you can usually apply motor oil (again check manual) and agin squeeze out excess oil but DO NOT WRING IT!!!!

    Hey presto!!!
  3. can you use a hair dryer to dry it?
  4. it doesnt take long if you squeeze it.
    I wouldn't personally use a hair dryer, but whatever makes you happy.
    Just don't over heat the foam.
  5. Personally, on the advice of a pretty good mechanic and a few years exprerience, I would do it like this

    Dip the filter in a tub of kerosene. Don't use petrol cause this will shag the foam as well as the glue that holds the filter together. Give it a gentle knead to break down the filter oil.

    Pop it into a bucket of warm soapy water you have sitting ready at hand. Don't use a real strong detergent, use something that says it's safe for rubber & plastic etc. Knead it gently again to wash out the grit & oil. Give it a nice gentle squeeze & peg it out on the clothes line.

    Now grab the 2nd filter you have previously purchased & pop it in a shopping or freezer bag. Tip a couple of capfulls of proper waterproof filter oil in the bag & again -gently knead it through the filter till you have a nice even colour distribution through the filter.

    Don't be a tight @rse -buy some proper filter oil. For the sake of a couple of bucks, it's well worth it to protect your engine. Nothing kills the valves on a modern 4 stroke than dirty air.

    Now let it sit for 10-15 minutes for the oil to "set" or dry nice & tacky. ther wise you may end up having a pr!ck of a time trying to start your bike cause it's ingested a lungfull of filter oil. Smear some grease on the foam surface that seals against the airbox & you're ready to roll.
  6. I clean my filter the same as roarin, but i use filter spray oil. Save the trouble of messy oil, and its easier to get a nice even coat of oil.
  7. Must say, I haven't put an aftermarket filter on my bike yet, but used to have one on my 4X4. I used 'rock oil', very sticky and worked perfectly. Normal oil is to viscous or runny and doesn't attract and trap the dirt to it nearly as well.

    Use the right stuff for the application, otherwise you're better off with a normal paper filter!

  8. I'd go with roarin's advice. Use the kero, because petrol really does stuff your filters up. I know from experience.
    If you buy a bottle of filter oil from a car shop it will give you all the directions you need to do the job.
  9. Get the proper oil. It is more tacky then motor oil.