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**** Aircon - its cold 12months a year!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. So after suffering through the long ass cold winter + autumn we had this year (sydney), i'm looking forward to some 40 degree heat, **** yeah!

    but no, soon as the ambient temperature outside hits 20 degrees, the A/C at work takes a 10 - 15 degree hit because 20 degrees in spring is considered hot!!

    bloody fuggin crapola, why do i have to pack a snow jacket + beanie for the workplace in summer, and then get told off for not having proper work attire. **** off its cold in here you heartless cold-blooded bastards, you might blab on about its your right to be comfortable at work and put the A/C on freezing, but dammit give me a comfortable work environment.

    /end rant

  2. Easy. Complain to management that the excessively low temperature is 'environmentally unsustainable'. I promise you, this phrase, (properly used) will instantly get your way on any issue you can think of.

    Repeat after me: 'en-vir-on-ment...
  3. +1 to Titus, follow that up with maintaining that low a temperature is significantly adding to the electricity bills of the company.
  4. The Environmental and Energy Bill lines work very well, I work for a large national chain in one of there Bottle Shops, our 20 Meter long Refrigerated Drink Cabinet had been playing up for ages, no one wanted to get it fixed.

    When I highlighted the fact that since it was faulty the Electricity bill went up by $1500 a month because the Cabinet's was constantly running trying to keep itself cool, They couldn't get it fixed fast enough.

    I will never understand why people have trouble with getting something repaired will save them money.
  5. My girlfriend is the opposite. She doesn't seem to understand that when it's holocaustically hot in the house in winter, it's unfair to people who don't like it like that, namely me. She can put on a sweater, I can't put on a cooling vest.
  6. follow up with that you get shrinkage