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airbrushed helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GOOSH, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. hey guys, dont know if this has been mentioned on here, but i want to know is it legal to have a custom airbrushed helmet. including over the visor even if it is seeable when wearing the helmet. this site has some awesome designs. http://www.airgraphau.com/. if its legal in vic, i think i might order one

  2. I have no idea of the answers you're looking for, but some of those helmets do look very cool.

    I'd go the spiderman one, but I was amused by the one of the guys face. That one would certainly turn a few heads if you ride past with that on. As would any of them, I guess.

    I can't imagine the visors being legal, even though they probably wouldn't hinder the view too much I wouldn't think.

    Very cool helmets, definately worth a look even just for the novelty factor.
  3. Cool Hemlets, however

    Depends where the helmets are coming from, could be reselling ones from the US, if that is the case, no ADR sticker. Found a web link on one of the pics in the gallery http://www.ajr-airbrush.com/

  4. i think u can even send ur own if if aint aus ok
  5. imagine having the spidy helmet and then getting leathers to match
    it would so funny to see someone riding down the street in a spidy suit
  6. How cool would it be to get your own face airbrushed on the outside of your helmet :LOL:

    I think it's one of those things where you're unlikely to get caught. Checking whether your helmet has ADR is probally the last thing on most officers agenda's.
    Beside's, they're too pretty and expensive to wear every day. Would be cool for rallies, track days, first dates etc...

    If you've got money to burn then go for it.
  7. I have a helmet that is airbrushed to match my bike.

    I got pulled over wearing it and coz it no longer has an aussie standards sticker on it.

    200 bucks and 3 points. Airbrushed helmets are for display only.
  8. as daggz post implies a helmet is not legal without the as 1698 label / sticker. According to AS 1698 any paint or sticker that is added to your helmet post-certification will void the certification (which is why all helmets need to include the instruction that users should not make any modifications to the helmet - this includes paint / adhesives). The standard actually says that the certification can only be made by a manufacturer, and the manufacturer informs the user not to make any modification. It doesn't actually say modification will void certification - but by the same token the manufacturer tells the user not to modify, and thus non-compliance to this instruction could lead to a void certification.

    With that said, if you leave the AS 1698 label on the helmet (and paint around) the powers that be probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  9. Why bother to go overseas for artwork when we have world class airbrush artists right on our doorstep, have a look at these guys http://www.airfx.com.au/index.php

    they did the artwork on the Wolf Bike, you may have spotted it at the Supers.


    my personal favourite:


    and you can find them right here:

    Lynette Chippindall
    F. (03) 5962 5958 •
    M. 0408 382 309
  10. dam there are some sweet pics
    i wouldnt mind getting my helmet airbrushed some of the graphics are awsome
  11. Your helmet should carry two certifications. Look inside the lid, it should have a cloth thingy attached to the lining. If it has you are legal and shouldn't have been booked! According to a motorcycle cop I know, most of his colleagues aren't aware of the second label which is there in case the sticker comes off.
  12. Dont forget any decent tattooist can airbrush as well and you can pretty much get whatever you want then just take in a photo and custom helmets are legal like it was stated before there is a second lable on the inside of the helmet
    Dont forget if you do get a custom job get helmet insurance :wink:
  13. Mate you gotta stop posting pictures of yourself dressed like that it not fair on the eyes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Put some cloths on for pitys sake :shock:

  14. Cool art...but I just think airbrushed bikes and cars are just gay...same as neon lights.
  15. k
    Now see this is where I would almost agree with you, except that I ride a Kwaka, but if I had a Honda, I'd be doing anything to improve the looks, or at least trying something to stop it looking like every other bloody Honda...

    Team Green ......
    We take no prisoners :p :p