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airbox restrictor?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ilovemynsr150sp, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. hey guys... just pulled out the airfilter to see if it needs cleaning and found a gold coloured mesh plate under the filter element, is this a restrictor or something else coz if it is i would take it out :) hope you have another good answer for me, thanks stef

  2. It's probably a plate to support the element or maybe a course filter so the standard filter can be removed for racing.

    If the bike is restricted it would probably be in hole on the inlet to the filter.
  3. If it's a gold coloured (brass) mesh between the filter and the carbs then it's most likely a a flame arrestor. Stops the (very slight) possibility of early ignition setting fire to the air filter. It's a technology that was invented for the mining industry so open flames could be used to light coal mines safely (forget the name of the lamp that used it though).
  4. The mesh you described sounds like a flame arrestor.
    Many people with cbr1000rr s have removed this mesh on stock filters and reported better breathing.
    If you remove the mesh you need to be carefull not to leave any bits behind that can find their way into the engine, use some silastic around the cut.
  5. sweet thanks for your reply guys, you guys pretty much know everything haha :grin: cheers, stefan
  6. Hey Stef. How about a post one day after you actually ride your bike?
    Has it made it out of the garage yet? :LOL:

    J/K mate it just seems like you're always fixing the thing. :wink:
  7. haha nice one :? well it does get out of the garage alot, my dad loves to ride it and i have ridden it before aswell, will do my ls in 3 weeks :p got the bike 6 months ago but coz we got LAMS and new age law i had to wait, it was looking a bit down when i bought but it looks like new know so thats why i always work on it haha :LOL: have a good one :) stef
  8. As others have said, it's not really a restrictor - it's far too open.

    The real restrictor in the airbox is the snorkel on its intake.

    However, when you remove this you MUST jet up. I am still working on mine - a 160 main is too small. Waiting on a 170.

    The pilot also appears to be too small - I am waiting on a 50 pilot jet. Just off idle it bogs a little - no, not on the cutaway, but just off idle when the pilot jet itself, not the bypass (which is adjusted by the mixture screw) comes into play.

    Will let you know next week, or on the weekend.

    BTW if you are seeing a performance increase from the Tyga pipe you must need a jet adjustment...


    Trevor G