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Airbags, does it work?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ppera, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. My girlfriend is always freaking out when I go riding, this might shut her up for once lol. Is there anything like this out right now?

  2. I watched the video,
    Full body air bag, be an intersting malfunction at the traffic lights in peak hour........ :)
    I like the risks of riding, makes me feel alive
    Being strapped to the seat, I think is restrictive.
    If you want safe and comphy drive a car
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  3. Being at an age where I no longer bounce I look at these things from time to time but to me the inconvenience and cost out weighs the protection. Alpinestars tech air seems to be the pick of them as it doesn't need cables or other stuff on the bike but it doesn't seem to be available here and may be a bit expensive when it is.

    Tech-Airâ„¢ Street Airbag System | Alpinestars

    SMART VEST: Alpinestars Tech-Air Street <small class="subtitle">New fast-acting broad-coverage airbag promises upper-body protection.</small>
  4. Not crashing rates up their with the best defence, consider this a blessing to spend more money on bikes
    -Permission to buy that brand new xxxx you always wanted with ABS, Traction/Stability control
    -A new jacket and helmet
    -Few track days and advanced riding lessons to keep your skills sharp

    The better more responsible half will always worry no mater what you wear or ride....at-least with a bike their more concerned about you dieing as opposed to where or who your going with.
    As to them never shutting up, get use to that :p
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  5. It won't.
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  6. That is cool! I would certainly have a look at it when it gets released here.
  7. Yeah....I like it. Seems logical to me and if the motogp guys use similar tech then why not?
  8. Don't ride like a goon, show her you're responsible on your bike and keep returning home and eventually she will not think much of it.
  9. pperappera - two words for you - Life Insurance.

    The trick is the balance: To get yourself insured high enough that it 'takes the worry' from your girl that she is no longer 'unhappy' about you riding, but not high enough to the point where she starts gets excited about the prospect of you dying. ;)
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  10. I can see circumstances that bag will still not prevent major injury. I will reserve judgement until it's not just "an idea" though.
  11. Erm... Because riding (and crashing) on the street has so little in common with MotoGP that the two are barely comparable?
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  12. On the road sliding for 100's of metres like the GP is bad, you slide into gutters, ditches and into paths of cars you risk furthur injury
    Textile: 2-3 seconds of tumbling and its normally over. (Bloody sore afterwards)

    Practice on your braking, from most road speeds the aim is to wipe off as much speed as you can before the crash or swerve to avoid it.
  13. Agreed, added something extra which I feel always gets ignored.
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    I love it when people try and make you out to be an idiot but show their own ignorance in the process. So you're saying MotoGP riders only wear protection for abrasion and not impact? You're saying race gloves offer no more protection than street gloves as an example?

    Slow hand clap for moronic comment of the day.

    I understand that we are subjected to more impact type collisions, but that doesn't change the fact that nearly every single advancement in motorcycle safety has stemmed from racing in one way or another. That motoGP riders do wear protection for impact and their clothing is much safer than a standard ATGATT rider, even on the street.

    The point you were trying to make, that street crashes are mostly different is fair enough. The way you went about it opened the door for me to be a dick in return.......so, here I am.

    Nobody here is arguing that avoidance isn't better then a new fang dangle jacket either. If something is proven safer through crash testing etc, why would you not at least consider it as an added safety measure? Especially when the logic behind the idea is sound.
  15. I kind of disagree with gear being impact resistant.
    Sure, your helmet as well as any elbow knee or thigh padding helps spread the impact force to reduce trauma to those areas quite well, but nothing you wear on the outside helps your internal organs stay where they should be when you hit a tree or parked car. They're the injuries that really hurt you, not a broken elbow or knee.

    Just sayin'.
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    just because you mention the ball, doesn't mean you are playing the ball

    And no I didn't read it that way. Mildly sarcastic as most.
  17. You need to drum that into the ABS dooms dayers. I have the same thinking, no one's suggesting that extra training won't work, but adding safety for those who aren't doing the training or just plain suck, is added bonus for them and those around them.
  18. I don't really see how providing an answer to a question which you posed makes me an ignorant, moronic dick, even if that question was, presumably, rhetorical and that, clearly, it doesn't support your opinion. At least I don't substitute trite sayings and assumptions for actual thought.

    Anyway, I could write a major essay detailing at least some of the major differences between street riding and MotoGP riding are different. Note that I say riding here, and not specifically crashing because the riding you do, taken as a whole, has at least as much influence on sensible gear choice as does any crashing you might do. I could write an essay but, because my time and motivation are limited, I won't. Instead, consistent with my desire for people to actually think about their choices and why they're making them, I'll just throw out a few things fo anybody so minded to consider.

    Think about:-

    Serious competition rider likelihood and frequency of crashing vs road rider

    Serious competition rider requirement to remain in top form post crash vs average road rider

    Budget available to serious competition rider vs that for average road rider

    Maintenance and care serious competition rider's gear will receive vs average road rider

    Need for serious competition rider to wear or carry gear away from bike vs average road rider

    Likely improvement in riding ability available through additional training to serious competition rider vs road rider

    Likely improvement to SCR's bike available by additional spending vs ARR's bike.

    Likelihood of SCR's gear being handled by hamfisted or actually malicious mates vs that of ARR

    And so on and so forth.

    Once you've considered that lot, and a few more, if you still think that "Well, MotoGP riders wear it" is a good means of determining whether you're getting maximum bang for your safety buck as regards any piece of safety gear then fair enough and good luck to you. Or you might be sufficiently cashed up that you don't care if you're getting good value. Again, fair enough, and lucky you. Or you might decide that the substantial cost of, for example, an airbag jacket might actually be better spent on better tyres, or a training course, or better conventional gear, or a shitload of saddle time, or a combination of any or all of them. Yet again, good luck to you. I really, really don't care.

    But I do care that you've actually thought about it rather than miindlessly relying on trite shit like ATGATT or MotoGP riders wear it. If suggesting that people should actually think makes me a dick, then so be it.
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