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Airbag Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PaulHo, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Anyone had any experience with a Rivet airbag jacket???
    I've just brought one,,new rider so no experience with any other type, but seemed like a good idea.

  2. Try falling off at low speed and get back to us.

    The welcome lounge is over there-------------------->
  3. That was cruel, harsh, and utterly to be expected, smee :LOL:

    I would hope If I had bought such a jacket that it would do what it's supposed to, but that I would never find out.....
  4. :shock:
    smee !!!!
    You are getting WORSE
    :rofl: :rofl:

    .. or is that 'better' :wink:
  5. I just can't shake the mental picture of an inadvertant deployment at speed :shock: .
  6. Wow! That's amazing that he just got up and could walk! :grin:

    Are back protectors comfy enough to wear if you ride everyday?
  7. We are giving away an air-bag jacket this month :)
  8. The Rivet is a Taiwanese "copy" of the original HIT AIR Jacket from Japan which has been available for many years, and has many rider reports. Marketed in Australia at www.hitairaustralia.com. Contact them for rider reports.

    It is amazing how many riders with no knowledge make offhand weird comments showing their lack of understanding about airbag jackets!
  9. So you can answer Paul's question can you; do you have experience with the jacket??? If not, your comment is just a flippant waste of space as well.
  10. Hmm 9 posts and all but one about airbag jackets.
    I smell :spam:

    If you just happen to like the jacket fine, how about posting a review.

    But if you work for hitair either own up to the fact or f*&k off.
  11. OK to the challenge. I'm a part time sports bike rider - some commuting and trips : only about 20K km per year - and a bit older too. I consider safe riding an essential, so I get pissed off by those who ride carelessly and dangerously - and bring motorcyclists bad raps. I get even more angered by the needless rider deaths and injuries I hear nearly every day - just listen to the daily ABC traffic reports! I realised that maybe I should look after myself more too; so I looked at my own gear: leathers, DriRider, Technics jackets; pants, gloves and boots. I'd "invested" in the best helmet(s) but saw more safety potential. Looked carefully at the designs and technology, researched and tried on gear everywhere. Came to the conclusion that the airbag jacket technology was the best safety gear - though haffing to wade through tons of rabid comments was a turn off. Certain issues such as deployment time still has me a little contemplative, but not the overall value of the protection. Then the examination of the various brands: not a great deal of choice but obvious differences. I spoke to the retailers and some owners and finally made a purchase. There's not much info on Rivet but lots on HIT AIR. I haven't come off yet or had an "accident" but I know I'd be better off than most, so I keep a general eye on the topic to comment on it, though I admit that most riders know little about the airbag gear so I give them the contact referral. For myself, just putting on the gear is a reality check and safety reminder of great value. I can see that my limited posts look like spam - my apologies to forum users. In retrospect perhaps a personal email might have been better as a referral so there will be less/no more from me on the topic. I don't login that often, nor bring myself to add my comments if it its a waste of air and others time like so many others (maybe some just want to increase the number of their posts!) but that's another topic. I read and absorb useful info when it is presented and that what I like about the site and forums.
    PS: I worked in Casualty and you too should to see the results of some bike crashes and the value of better gear. I reckon all riders should spend some time EVERY year working/observing in Casualty to bring home the safety issues - and keep away from being a statistic or patient or even be pained by the effects on those around. Nevertheless, enjoy your riding too but be aware for yourself and others. So in short, maybe I haven't had to deploy the airbag gear - and I hope I don't have to too - but it is worth the purchase - which would be less than the cost of an ambulance ride.
  12. Sounds like your in need of one of these buddy.

  13. 'dragon2', thanks for the comment.

    personally, i wouldn't wear one. i'd stick to 'ce' armour and back protectors.

    i've yet to read a review from somebody who has had an off with this style of jacket and rave about it.
  14. I actually haven't read one full stop. I'd be interested if someone can post up one, or a link to one.

    We need a Leo Wanker, someone we can pay to take a dive in one.
  15. I still don't see any concrete information on whether or not they work.
  16. No direct experience here either, but I can say that I've just recently seen them in use in European Supersport racing, including a couple of pics where they deployed. This is the arena where they need to prove their worth. When the racers use them, everyone will have one.