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Airbag Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Blu101, May 20, 2009.

  1. So take 2 on the write up. A lot of people have asked for a write after my off, so here it is. I would like to point out that I am still a newbie in the big scheme of things when it comes to bikes; I have no other jacket that I can compare this one to. Take what I have written as you wish and apologies if I have made it to in depth or too long.

    The jacket: It is a Rivet Airbag Jacket designed to reduce injuries to the upper body in the event of an off. It is made with 500d nylon and Dupont Cordura reinforcing the impact areas. Of course it also has the usual reflective material in it for better night visibility. There is additional armour in the shoulders and the elbows with a spot in the back to place a back protector if you wish (don’t see the point when the airbag is there). Both the upper arms have zipped vents which do provide some cooling effect in the warmer months; however these could be a lot better. It does get pretty hot in the jacket as you have the additional layer of heavy material, however it performs well in the cooler months with the winter liner placed in (comes with jacket). Another downside to the zips of the arm vents is that they tend to allow rain through (other than the back of the neck)as they don’t seal the best (room for improvement), this said it was bucketing down so I was still happy with the way it performed considering the conditions. There is an abundance of pockets and I am yet to find myself short. The two hand warmer pockets however, are totally useless for someone with big hands such as me. They are way too small to get my hands in comfortably. There is also a fully adjustable waist strap around the jacket to adjust the fit for your liking. The jacket is usually $600, but I got it at $300 when I brought my bike (dealer still has some for $250, trying to clear them).

    The Airbag System: It is operated by a CO2 gas cylinder which sits inside the jacket down the bottom on the right hand side. I noticed it for the first few days but soon forgot about it, so it is very unobtrusive. There is a steel wire lanyard coil (coated in plastic) that you attach to the bike, when you have your off your body weight pulls the lanyard which in turns releases the activation head inflating the jacket. At the same time that it activates there is a release joint in the lanyard which parts so that you are no longer attached to the bike. The airbag inflates around the waist, over the back, up both sides of the chest over the shoulders and around the neck. The part of the camber that is behind the head is slightly larger than the rest of the neck area. It is designed like this to try and reduce whip lash and head movement. To reuse the jacket all you need to do is get a new CO2 cylinder ($65), replace it with the old one and reattach the lanyard to your jacket and you are good to go. There is no requirement to send it back to factory. Also, if you are thinking ‘but what if I forget to un-clip the lanyard before you walk away from your bike, don’t worry as I have a few times and still have not set it off by accident. I believe it needs something like 30Lbs of pressure to activate, in other words your body unwillingly flying off the bike.

    Performance in the Accident: As I said in my OP, when I hit that black stuff I didn’t feel a thing. I remember all in a split second the following; “oh shit (it was a big shit too!), hearing the jacket going off, me lying on my back thinking ‘OH! This is what it feels like, very comfortable and reassuring’, ouch my foot is killing me as the pain took overâ€. From the waist up, I have absolutely no bruises for aches. The legs have a few minor bruises and aches and my right foot is heavily bruised from the bike landing on it. I had always wondered if it would work at all, but in particular, for a low side due to the way it operates. Well now I know. I had a fair few of the staff at the hospital, a couple ambulance staff and the coppers have a good look at the jacket. They were impressed with the idea of the jacket, with one of the nurses saying that she was very surprised when I told her I had no pain at all in the upper body. I can without doubt say that this jacket did everything that it was designed to do. From my little experience I think I made the right choice in this jacket and I will be an ongoing user of airbag style jackets.

    Be aware that I only decided on the Rivet jacket due to the cost at the time of purchase. A few others that people may want to look at are, Hit Air, Impact Jackets, Halo-Labs. Now all we need is for someone to make pants that work in the same manner.

    Jacket Normally

    The part of the jacket that helps support the head

    The entire airbag system taken out. The lanyard and activation herad is on the left of the photo
  2. I'm impressed.

    One question: once the airbag has deployed, how is it re-instated, you don't have to buy another jacket, do you???
  3. Old eyes?????

  4. Say you're riding down a road by the beach. And you see some very nice looking girls... You get distracted and come off the bike. After this jack inflates, will it make you look fat in front of the girls? Or does it make you look buff forcing the girls to come over and give you a hand?
  5. Well Paul, that proves my thoughts on your age from when i first yet you :eek:

    Lol, sry M8 can't help ya with that as i didn't see myself, was flat on me back. But lets say it makes you look buff and they help, the question then is, would they want to stay around when you take your helmet off?
  6. Good write up. Glad you're ok after the off.

    Which dealer has them for $250?

  7. Eway and anyone else interested. There are about 4-5 left at Caringbah Motorcycles, Jams Cook Drive, Caringbah
  8. Haha good call :grin: Stay safe
  9. Thanks for the writeup man :D I've been looking around a bit at these jackets, first saw the hit-air one, then heard people worried about bouncing down the road............blah, i'll give them a visit tomorrow and see what we can do :D

    Edit: Just found this thread
    And wanted to know how it is quality wise, I couldnt find a website for them either. Thanks mate
  10. Hey WK. Mate check out the link below, it is for the Distributor in Oz.


    Quality wise all i can say that is negitive about the jacket is what i said in the OP. The jacket held up very well and I certainly would not give it a good write up if the product was shit. I guess all i can say is what i have experienced is good. Any other questions drop me a PM. Oh and bouncing down the road, well as you said BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. theres also the flashing banner ad up the top with Hitair jackets....
  12. Who is the dealer with them on clearance? PM me :p
  13. More old eyes
  14. Wish these had been round in 86!!!
    Hit from behind while stopped in traffic BY A COP in their private car.
    Busted vertebrae, shirt full of smashed ribs etc.
    Car in front of me contained two angels (nurses) one of whom rode a bike.
    2 1/2 years re leaning to walk, four years to get back to my trade.
    Something like these would probably have saved a lot of pain and grief.
  15. There's a thought. Impact sensors in the jacket.

    At the moment though, it's not a "smart" system like that. It's just a cord going to your bike, which triggers it if you come off. If your injuries were sustained mostly from the initial rear-impact then the airbag wouldn't have inflated. Not untill you seperated from the bike.

    But certainly if you went into the air or seperated from the bike and came down hard it may have helped.
  16. Sorry Liq, that is the way about 98% of the jackets work. However a company by the name of Halo Labs works on a full sensor system such as an airbag in a car here is a link if you are interested. http://www.halolab.com/
  17. soooo...if the senors were in the jacket...does that mean...you fall off, get hurt, and then your jacket employs ? How would that be useful ?[/i]
  18. I meant in addition to a bike-person seperation system. Who knows, maybe laser sensors in the bike to detect a rear ender about to hit you, it's all feasible and NOT expensive.
  19. Thats is the way the Halo lab jacket is. Sensors on the bike and cpu chip in jacket when the sensors pickup an impact bang off goes the jacket. Works in the sam manner if you come off. Have a look at the website link i posted and it will explain very well how the senors etc work. Am looking at one of these for my next jacket.