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Air show

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mendy, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Did any one else go to the air show? It was impressive, my first time there. ( I won some tickets)
    I saw plenty of bikes there.

    There was also a jet bike.


  2. Went yesterday, was pretty good. Have been once before years ago, seemed like alot of the same stuff.

    Saw the F-35 (Australias future war plane), but all the regular jets were the same - F18, F111 (40+ years old now) and the F16 was there too although I didn't see it in the air.

    Even though the F18's are long in the tooth now also, they do put on a good show.

    Basically I reckon it's good for a few hours but I couldn't spend the entire day there (and I'm looking to get into piloting too)
  3. The old F111 40 years old and still:

    - Faster than an F18 and Joint Strike Fighter.
    - Longer Range than an F18 and Joint Strike Fighter.
    - Greater weapons payload than an F18 and Joint Strike Fighter.

    Still an impressive aircraft 40 years on.
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    But does it have better fuel economy? :p

    I went on Sunday. Was my first time also and had a good time :D. Loved the Jets and also insurgence act...nice boom and heat wave in the cold weather.

    I hated the commentator, he sounded like Troy McClure from the Simpsons. For those who don't know... [media=youtube]NCAmui05pJA[/media]

    phong =P~
  5. Went along Saturday and had a great day with my 2 sons. Laughed at everyone in there thongs and summer clothes and the water and mud dripping off them. Loved the jets and would love to get into the ultra light flying one day talking to the guys at the exhibits it sounds like colossal fun.
  6. went Sunday and had a ball despite the rain showers.
    Unfortunately there was a very strong crosswind which forced the cancellation of some of the non military air displays.
    Also the F111 did not fly on the last day. So sad.
  7. And from what I hear, the only plane that can make it NAP of the earth to Jakarta and back without refueling. So the RAAFies i've spoken to seem to think anyway...
  8. make that a second source, heard that also. It was procured when the shit in indo was going down or something...

    had a habit for a while of falling out of the sky or randomly dropping unconventional bombs on friendly targets, such as vital parts, wheels, wings, you know, small stuff...

    however tall that has been rectified, they have spent a lot of money keeping it in the air for a good reason, it has good capabilities... (and the frikking F-35 is late)
  9. I arrived with my father & 8yo nephew in tow at 1:30pm on Friday for the 2pm opening and scored front row parking spots for the car somehow.

    Found out later that they opened the public gates at 11am due to the shear number of people waiting to get in.

    Looked at the timetable and quickly wandered around the display halls and then wandered around outside to enjoy the air & static displays.

    Just before sunset a sea mist rolled in (fog) and killed off some of the jet flying (or at least being able to see them) and Connie only did runway runs but there's nothing like the sound of 4 radial engines at full throttle and the 12 inch exhausts.

    Waited until the final FA-18 & F111 bombing passes and headed out to the car park and somehow got an unobstructed walking pace run to the main road out :shock:

    Disappointments were;
    $10 parking :shock:
    $50 adult entry (Family ticket saved me $30ish) :roll:
    $4.50 for a 600ml Pepsi :shock:
    $5.00 for a small bucket of chips or Dagwood Dog :shock:
    Possibly the last airshow at Avalon if Linfox get approval to turn Avalon into an International terminal :evil:

    Bonus: I was working at an event at the Speedway over the other side of the freeway on Saturday and got to watch the big/fast things flying for a 2nd time as did the crowd at the Burnout Comp :wink:

    All in all the three of us enjoyed ourselves while having one of those 3 generations days out :grin:
  10. My brother and I went on Sunday. Compared to other years it was crap. Not seeing the B1 Lancer fly was disapointing as it is such a menacing site to see and hear. We walked down to where the 2 B1 Lancers were parked at the end of the day and 1 of the US soldiers picked 4 guys from the crowed and took them up inside the thing for a look. The best display would have to be when the Herc landed and was shooting water out of the engines as it sucked it up off the runway while in reverse thrust.
  11. The B1 did some pretty tame flypasts on both Friday & Saturday so I don't know why it didn't fly on sunday as the cloud cover & weather didn't look all that bad??
  12. was going saturday but bailed due to weather and went sunday. the wind sucked a$$ and yes its a very expensive show avalon. must be about the 150th ive been to though
  13. Nothing wrong with the Aardvark, they are a fantastic machine!
    They will be replaced by the F/A-18 Super Hornet starting 2010.
  14. Thing to remember with the F111 is that the airframe might be around 40 years old but the avionics inside are state of the art.

    Classic story I heard was that the bean counters were looking to get rid of the F111 fleet many years ago and constantly bagged how bad they were so the RAAF organised a training missile run on the bean counters office. They video'd said run and sent a copy to the now theoretically dead bean counter stating;

    "A missile was fired at your window from 40km away, do you still think the F111's are outdated"