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Air powered motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Just was linked to this article


  2. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Compressed air has been used to power vehicles (admittedly not motorcycles) for over 100 years now. The reason its use has not become widespread is that it is an utterly shithouse medium for energy storage, with little practical application outside certain specialist areas.

    A brief history and explanation of why it doesn't work that well is available here.

    So unless this guy has managed to rewrite the laws of thermodynamics, I'll wait a while before getting excited thanks.
  3. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Good points... but I think the designer is onto something here.



    The bike's designer uses a commercially working and available air motor that has few of the reciprocating piston type drawbacks.


    http://www.abc.net.au/ra/innovations/stories/s1919749.htm <-- Interview with engine designer - very interesting.

  4. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Interesting, reminds me of those old radial aeroplane engines.
  5. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    I actually met this guy at a design event. Talented and enthusiastic. Remember, he is an industrial designer, not an engineer. It was a student project based around possible sustainable future design and therefore, should be taken as such. Possible in the future.
  6. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Almost looks like a Wankel, Speaking of why not use a rotary Wankel in a bike?

    or would that make people shy away cuse they might be called Wankers?
  7. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Which is fine, but still doesn't get around the problem that compressed air just doesn't contain much energy. There are, for example, means of using hot water/steam in unfired pressure vessels that work much better and, again not in motorcycles, are mature technologies.
  8. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Yep even Di Pietro points out the laws of thermodynamics are a biatch!

  9. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Out of interest, would compressed carbon dioxide work better?

    (yes, I know, would defeat the purpose etc)
  10. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    i'm guessing size/weight/reliability.

    I mean that's what's holding it back from most production cars, def wouldn't be suitable for a bike.
  11. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    The Suzuki RE5 was a wankel rotary.



    Re: The compressed air, I thought the same thing as Pat about the milage, you might as well go electric, at least there is potential.
  12. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    why not a hybrid compressed air and petrol motor? No more liquid cooling as the air cools the motor anyway when it expands.
  13. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    I wonder if that little air motor could work with some mods as a cheap, small and efficient supercharger for small capacity bikes.
  14. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    There is a rotary bike, a suzuki i believe.
  15. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Requires very little energy to fill up using the local BPs compressor :p
  16. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    So why does everyone remember the RE5 which was, TBH, a bit crap and forget the Nortons of the early 90s which definitely weren't (even if the management of Norton Motors was)?
  17. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    I read about a car that had something like that, petrol powered air compressor and a motor that ran on compressed air.
  18. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Don't know, but the RE5 was the first thing I thought of... :)

    It's an interesting idea (O2 powered bike), but I'm honestly more excited about electric bikes. Probably not excited enough to become an early adopter, but it would be perfect for my commute of around 10-15kms.
  19. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Would be good for fixed class racing. Cheaper to run and repair and no fire hazard.
  20. Re: Air powered motorcycly

    Norton also had an era of Rotary bikes