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Air Powered Design project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by DAB, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie from Melbourne, originally from north east Victoria.
    Now studying Industrial Design at RMIT, my love of riding dirt as a youngster has opened the motorcycle design world at uni.
    Have a look at my 'O2 Pursuit' concept moto entered in the Melbourne Design Awards.
    Running on 'Engineair's', DiPietro air engine developed here in Melbourne, the motard, (in essence) runs on compressed air stored in a scuba tank. The motorcycle is aimed at short rides around three hours to a scuba tank.
    'Two Wheels' mag will be covering the design in the upcoming issue so have a look, would love some feedback.

    Feel free to vote if it's worthy.....

    I will be aiming to produce a functional prototype for my major project at RMIT and will be uploading the progress on my blog, would also love some opinions here when I get going.


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  2. Hi Dean, this is an idea completely left of centre but I really like it. I will be very keen to see how it progresses and would love to see it get up and get commercialised.

    Great to see Melbourne leading the way with some clever design too!

  3. that looks like it weights 50kg

    if you need some first hand opinions, I'm willing to test ride it :)
  4. Could it run on a fire extinguisher instead?
    I'd love to be able to ride around spraying dry chem all over any car that gets too close to the back of the bike. :)
  5. Brilliant stuff and good to see that the current batch of young industrial designers are still into bikes.

    I was an industrial designer from 1990 to 2000, but I never got to make anything as cool as this.

    DAB - I would be tapping into this thread for any assistance you may need in fabrication, plenty of people around here with good building skills.

    Now, if you could just convert the comressed air cylinder into an expresso coffee pump, then you could build a real cafe racer!
  6. ...yeh DAB, what's the weight rating... I suspect blokes like spenze and I aren't going to be the intended demographic. lol
  7. you forget that I'm full of hot air, so I'm lighter than I look.

    hmmm maybe I lose the scuba tank.... just give me a hose
  8. Thanks for the great feedback, and yeh sure will. I'll keep you all posted from my blog so when build time comes, would be great for as many to get involved.
  9. Did you see how the French guys made the air car work? Almost the same 4 stroke principal but no ignition of course...erm so it's a three stroke! The con rod has a joint in it to allow it to dwell as it were getting the most out of each charge of air. The byproduct being water vapour and cold air..super cold air..that means free aircon. Three hours of pootling around off one tank would be great for short trip commuters.