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Air powered bamboo motor scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by malmac, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Who knows might just be the future of motorcycles? Bamboo fairings could be a hell of a lot cheaper than fiberglass if the worst happens. As for running on compressed air the after market exhaust companies will need a re think, just how do you make that sound good. Interesting future concept and good luck to the award entrant. :]

  2. Would love to know how it works but google seems to have nothing but PR-hype links. I could guess how it works but they may figured out a better way than what I can conjure up in my head in 2 minutes.

    Is the guy who invented it an engineer or an artsy architect kinda guy?
  3. I've heard some people very adamant about air power. I've never run the numbers but I just can't see it. Between the efficiency of power generation, transmission loss, then the significant loss in compressing the air, I just can't see it being more efficient than an Otto cycle, or even a battery vehicle.
  4. I think the person behind this is most likely an engineer or engineering student as the entry to the awards was placed by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).
  5. Just eat beans and trucker food, and stick in a tube.

    That should be good for 100 klms.