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air horns

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by n4mv3t, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. G'day all ... am looking to put air horns on "Annie" (XV1600) ... and the type that interest me the most are the Pro Pad Mini Beast 5 ... refer pic below (available from cruisercustomizing.com - which I found through this forum ... thanks (y) )
    ... my questions are ...
    are these air horns reliable? or are they just going to end up being another bit of chrome that failed after a few rides?
    as the fuel pump etc has to be relocated, is the new location (behind the 2nd cylinder) a problem in any way?
    ... hope some one can advise with some 'experience' on the product and the relocation


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  2. Check out the Stebel Nautilus horn range, bloody loud horns
  3. I've heard the stebels recommended a few times and there are some good prices on ebay even from aussie sellers atm. I'm pretty sure I have also seen chrome ones if you are after that look.

    Not meaning to hijack the thread (too much) but I was looking at the stebel Magnum over the Nautilus. Anyone ever used the magnum and if so was it the 410Mhz or 500mhz?
  4. Air horns are probably a lot better than they were centuries ago when I was fiddling with them, but the problem then was they used to take a couple of seconds to pressurise, by which time the need for a strident blast was past.....

    A couple of loud, instantaneous electric horns, as suggested above, is a better idea..

    As I recollect, we used to connect them through a relay, too, not straight to power.
  5. Yup. Horns are (or were) high current devices. As such it makes sense to let a cheapo universal relay cope with all the Amps, rather than you ball-shrinkingly expensive and hard to repair handlebar switch cluster.
  6. LizzyM has a Stebel Nautilus compact on her bike. It was bloody lud when it went on but it doesn't work anymore. I have no idea if the failure was generic to the model or specific (failure did occur after riding on a newly tarred road in Tassie and maybe tar got into the works. However I have heard of a few other Stebels failing as well. I know Loz put one on the minja and from memory it failed too.

    Because of their construction even the compact takes up a bit more room than a normal horn which can make finding a spot to mount them difficult especially on a bike with fairings.

    My non-air horn twin Fiamms which came standard on my bike are nearly as loud and take up a lot less room.
  7. Agreed. Stebel Nautilus is awesome, & relatively compact too. ~$40 from local ebay seller.
  8. ... thanks for reply ... are you using Stebels? and do they "last"?? ... :?:

    ... have checked ebay, chrome would a must for "Annie" and yes, I too looked at the Magnums, thanks :)

    ... the air horns I have on the XV1000 functioned within a split second, but look like cr*p ... have used relays in the past too ... but thanks for the 'heads up' :)

    ... haven't yet stuffed a handlebar switch and am too old and grumpy to want to :grin:

    ... aaarrgghhh!! ... just as I was 'settling' on Stebel you tell me that!! :LOL::LOL: ... but I thank you ... :?: ... :grin:

    ... thanks, do you have Stebels on your bike? ... any probs?? ... :?:

    ... it seems this is going to take some time to sort ... almost as bad as getting the right 'noise' from the exhausts ... which fortunately I don't have to change/modify as "Annie" barks very nicely ... :D
  9. Using Nautilus on GS500. Bloody loud! Once you sort out where & how to fasten to bike properly, zero issues :D.
  10. Stebel horns WILL fail if you don't follow their explicit mounting directions. They need to be perpendicular to the road, and so can logically not be suited to motorcycles if the horn is being used when you're always leaning over. Hopefully you won't be committed to a lean past their recommended 25 degrees anyway when the horn justifying event arises in any case.

    They also need clean air to breath into the compressor. I mounted mine under my fuel tank on my CBR600F4 and ran a tube to the horn which is mounted on the left of the fairing.
  11. I have a Stebel on my old GS500F, mounted in between the fairings and the engine. It's been working fine for the last 2-3 years now, can't remember how long I've had it, but it's lasted longer than the stock horn did, and it certainly gets noticed quicker and in a better way (i.e. car drivers stop what they're doing and/or move back to where they were before, as opposed to just having a look around for the thing that made that soft horn noise before whilst still merging into me.)
  12. EXACTLY! =D>
  13. ... thanks ... zero issues sounds good

    ... thanks for your very informative reply (y)

    ... yet another good report on the Stebel, many thanks
    ... and so ...

    ... I have ordered the chrome Stebel Nautilus today ($59 inc postage :) ... )

    again, my thanks to those who contributed with their advice =D>=D>
  14. Ive put 2 Stebel Nautilus on bikes recently - a Yamaha FJ1200 and a Marauder 1300
    I got them for $55 each (courier delivered next day) including horn, relay and wiring kit from a local seller in Brisbane
    Did a little bit of online research about how to wire them into the system with relay and fuse.
    The hardest part was finding the right space for them and making a mounting bracket (really not that hard at all!)

    They work a treat, sound like a freight train and put the stoopid drivers back in their place!
  15. I separated my Nautilus into two parts, joined with tubing, to help with location. It was LOUD! However, while people couldn't help but hear it, some still chose to ignore it.
  16. I have a stebel Nautilus mounted under the side panel on my M109.

    People also mount these in a headlight nacell/fairing.

    Been using them for 5 yrs, across 2 bikes, and never failed.

    You MUST use a relay, otherwise you may melt switches, or just flatten you battery.
    When wiring up, check whether your bike has the negative switched or the positive - get it wrong, and they dont work!.

    Cheap safety improvement for any bike over the muppet horn as std.