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Air Horn Time - PFTOOO

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Siwagod, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Awww yeeee. $33 off eBay.


  2. What inspired this? :) Also, is the bird still alive???
  3. My horn doesn't work at all and I was trawling YouTube and saw some dude with an air horn, hilarity ensued so I was like 'Gimme one'.

    Yeah he was chewing the button under the track pad. I let him do that otherwise he climbs on the keyboard and starts popping off all the keys.
  4. Hehe, excellent.

    One of my bikes has an air horn — it rarely gets deployed, but its effect is instantaneous and rewarding :D
  5. YOHO (You only hear Once) :rolleyes:
  6. Link to youtube video? Or do you have a video for how loud it is?
  7. Awww
  8. Should teach the cockatiel to sit on the bike while you ride and when a driver has done something wrong, tell it to poop on their car windscreen. Bonus points if they can aim for their head on an open window, sunroof or convertible!

    BTW can you show a video clip of how loud this horn is once you have it up and running please? My horn has died as well and want to upgrade to something with more oomph than the stock panzy one.

  9. you could then market it all across the land, and you could call it a "Cockatiel Extension"!
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  11. If I could get Rumpel (bird) to ride on the bike my life would be complete. He already spends his whole time out of the cage with me when I'm at home.
    He sings Bangarang (i hate it but my gf kept playing him the song), and rips keys off keyboards.