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Air horn, heated grips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by duncan_bayne, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. So my GS is back at Mototecnic having some maintenance done (new speedo cable, clutch cable, and brake pads) but also the first two add-ons: heated handgrips and a (claimed) 139dB Sebel air horn.

    No-one ever likes being SMIDSY'd but at least the next one might be funny too.
  2. I have that horn on my bike. Really effective!
  3. That's good to hear :) I'm really looking forwards to it - the 30 year old horn on Maggie is almost inaudible when stationary.
  4. How much will the heated grips set you back? Looking to get them for my bike, I like being able to feel my fingers haha.
  5. I'm trying a pair of heating elements I bought off eBay. The idea is that they fit under regular grips to heat them. I'm skeptical but it's hard to lose for $20.

    I'll post here once I've tested them (and the horn of course).
  6. Duncan,

    I've just replaced my Sebel, the diaphragm split after only 6 weeks! Before that it had been wired to take the current through the canbus and had to be rewired, the canbus didn't like an 18 amp drain ](*,)

    I see your sig quotes a good friend of mine: who scares me rigid texting while he drives, but not while he flies ;)
  7. You got ripped off. I paid $6 for mine (delivered) out of China. I haven't had the bike for a few weeks, so I haven't had a chance to install them.

    Probably, the weekend after next.

    I plan on adding a fuse to the circuit and possible a dash pot. Though I might leave the latter off to start with.
  8. Oxford Grips are around the $130 mark I think from places like PeterSetvens, fitting them, you can get Sreetmaster, loves installing heated grips, does a good job too
  9. Easy enough to fit yourself, they only heat the palm of your hand though, knuckles will still be cold.
  10. I just put heated Oxford grips on Heathers Kwaka, Went for a ride,
    Waste of money putting them on my Moped, which I was thinking of doing,

    The hands are nice and warm, But my finger tips still freeze, Maybe its the way I ride, My fingers just dangle, they dont wrap around the bars,

    But they do work good other than that, I had them on 75% too Bloody hot for me, 30 % is very good,
  11. Sounds like a reasonable price for the product. Will look into getting some when i run into a bit of money. I don't think my gloves offer the best warmth but they would set me back a similar price either way.
  12. under the grip ones can be a bit problematic if they contact the bars as that takes the heat away. they have them on chookies and one hand grip gets hot while the other stays cold.
  13. This is how I have mounted the Stebel horn on my ER6N 2006. Cables routed from under the seat, right over the engine and down to the horn.

    [​IMG][/URL] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG]