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Air hawk seat

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rolski, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. hi all, ive Ordered a airhawk seat padding,has anyone got one,are u happy with it?,how much does the seat height go up?

  2. Hi, I have done 100,000km with an Airhawk Cushion. They are great. Although I read there is another Company making a similar Cushion somewhere in USA. These Cushions are designed by Bikers for Bikers. Back to the Airhawk. You blow in a small amount of air with your mouth and close the valve. Put it on the bike, sit on it, and let out some air. When you think you have let out too much air, then it's just about right. Your riding height increases by about 6mm. Sports bike riders will hate these on twisty roads, but for long distance riding, don't leave home without it.
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  3. Thanks Boike, going down to Thredbo next month, should come in handy,what's wrong with this product on the twisties?, does it move?
  4. Please have a think about which forum your posts should be placed, thanks.
  5. I bought one for touring, I can't really say how good it is because I haven't actually used it yet :)
  6. Well your no help zrx

    There was meant to be a :)
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  7. Sorry mcsenna, still trying to learn how to use this site,the pc is not my closest friend:)
  8. No worries Joe, all good.
  9. Good gadget,even after a John Moorehouse Urgo seat refurb I still use my Airhawk,removes a vibration issue I have.Use the bear minimum of air is the key.
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  10. No, it does not move, but you can move a little on it, dew to it's jelly like feel.
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  11. I'm surprised to hear about the minimal air U need,sounds like just a blow or two is enough ?
  12. Have had my Airhawk for couple of months, and definitely helped! Before I couldn't manage more than 200kms in one day, but with the airhawk I can double that, even on the concrete seat of a CBR500!

    Yes, minimal air. You must literally be a few mm's off the seat :) It also prevents you from sliding side to side in the twisties.
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  13. Its fine for me in the twistys ,I expect I might take a far bit of weight on the pegs though allowing me to lift off the seat for weight shift.Havnt thought about it much though.I have mine fitted back to front,its wider at the back and elivates my thys off the seat,thats where the vibs get me numb bum.
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  14. what Zim said. you just have to lift a bit to move around. if you set up early for the corners its not a drama.
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  15. Hubby and I both have AirHawks and absolutely swear by them. You need very little air (like a breath when inflating). On the corners you mould into the seat and there is no movement at all. We have ridden well over 3000km since purchasing and it was the best decision ever.

    I have the standard $129 version and hubby has the more expensive $229(?) one that is designed for people with back problems, it has a groove in the seat cover to take the pressure off the tailbone. Hubby has a spine issue and by the time we got back from our trip, his back was in no pain whatsoever.
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  16. Thanks Paula, can't wait to get it now, I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, hopefully it's on its way!, mine was $200, not cheap,but sounds like it's going to be money we'll spent :)
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  17. Bloody hell, airn't I naive sod!, got my airhawke seat today, it's was selling for ?170 online,then with shipping it was ?215, thought what the hell, I'll just click that purchase button, then boom!, with the conversion to the Aussie dollar $287, this item better do the job:)
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  18. Thanks Paula, I've already bought mine. Looks like I paid $87 more than I should have,what an idiot!:)
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  19. I use the Airhawk R, and although expensive, it is very good. I can ride for at least 4 hours and not have any numb bum issues. Rolski, re online purchases, you do need to be careful, especially with the Australian dollar the way it is now. It is best to compare Australian sources before going down the overseas route. Sometimes overseas will be cheaper, but the killer is shipping and exchange rates.
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