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Air Filter Treatment - or not

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Spiky, May 31, 2005.

  1. Changed the air-filter on mine at the weekend.

    I was recommended (by the dealer) to use an air-filter treatment, about $7 a bottle, which was like thick gloop. I followed the instructions, but 24 hours later had to dismantle the bike to strip down the carbs to remove this gloop from them.

    Has anybody else had this? Could it be that I didn't follow the instructions properly? Was this God's way of telling me I shouldn't go to Oran Park on Sunday, but should instead spend the weekend rebuilding my carbs? Was I had?

    Incidently, I hung the air filter up in the workshop (I may torture it later), and 4 days later it is still dripping thick wads of gloop.

  2. that stuff is designed for certain types of applications to certain types of filter, a lot of k&n filters run it, if there an exposed filter. if the filter is in a filter box/housing then no I wouldn't use it.

    mainly for pod filters.
  3. Hmmmmm. Didn't say anything like that on the bottle, but I think that you're probably right.

    If in doubt, or unless you really want to clean your carbs out, don't use it.
  4. well my friend you learn from lifes experiences, just put it into your little book on life
  5. great... I had similar problem.. I have a Uni-filter... the istructions are : wash in terps, ring out, apply sticky goo, rig out and install... small problem... the filter has a metal mesh through the middle and is made up of three didderent fome bits... you can not fold it!!! yet they ask to ring it out!! I solved the problem by using K&N filter cleaner and spray in a can... $25 from most car accesory places... Autoban, Rayco, etc...
  6. You can ussually remove the foam from the frame with unifilters, that is the whole idea, so your case seems a little strange.
  7. well scooter as you said yourself (can usually) but not in all cases so his plight/case aint so strange now is it.

    My cruiser runs 1 like it and you can't remove foam from cage with it, so I know where he is coming from.

    when time comes I too will run a K&N filter
  8. What was the main reason for purchasing the unifilter in first place, price? Considering servicing isn't possible.
  9. came in the bike, and when its time to change a K&N will be fitted as I stated.
  10. Fair enuff, after personal experience I am not all that impressed with K & N either, their filters don't do all that good a job of filtering, as small dust particles can pass through.
    afterall they would not be able to breath easier unless they were letting more crap through with the extra air.
    Also the time that K&N suggest between services is rediculous, to me the claims made are all a bit too much like snake oil or 'slick50' for that matter.
  11. Also the time that K&N suggest between services is rediculous, to me the claims made are all a bit too much like snake oil or 'slick50' for that matter.

    well all seasoned riders would know when you should change yer filters. it all depends on the milage racked up. if it sits in ya shed for 3 months then you wouldnt change it cos the book said to after 3 months. if you did 6000 k's in 3 months then yep i would change it. actually i change my filters every, 5000km, and just so you are aware I own 3 bikes at the minute
  12. Straight from the side panel of the K&N RECHARGER filter care service kit:
    Performance tips:-
    Service every 50-100,000 miles on street driven applications.
    Service more often in off-road or heavy dust conditions or when air filter reaches 18" of restriction.
    Let the dirt "build-up" work for you; it will not hurt the performance and actually help filter the air.

    Sounds like a lot of snake oil, especially the dirt will help filter the dirt bit :LOL:
  13. :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: