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Air Filter replaced, engine chokes at higher revs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dmc, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Long time reader first time poster, thanks for all the tips.

    I have a 94 Honda Magna VT250C (V25 Custom). I recently replaced the air filter and have found that when revving through the higher end of a gear the engine chokes. Backing off slightly gets it back on track.

    Is there something I should adjust now that more air may be getting into the air/fuel mix?

    Any advice is much appreciated!


  2. Did you replace it with the same type of filter, or something different?
    Or more importantly was it a dry paper type filter, or a foam/cotton one (which needs to be oiled)?
  3. Replaced with the same type of filter and it is a dry paper type.
  4. Hmm, that being the case there should be no need to mess around with the carb settings - assuming of course someone hasn't done that in the past trying to make it run better on the dirty air filter.

    Have you tried checking the colour and condition of the spark plugs?
  5. Yeah I was cautious of going straight to that. Will check out the plugs tomorrow and let you know, thanks.
  6. Maybe you've re-assembled it wrongly? Something around the wrong way restricting airflow?
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  7. Check the airbox is properly re-assembled and also check for manifold leaks.
  8. Pull the new filter out and run it around the block. If it goes back to normal, then the new filter is the issue, could be a cheap knock off.
    If it stays the same then start hunting around for something you may have bumped or moved while assembling it.
  9. #9 dmc, Jan 25, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
    I just took it around the block with the old filter in place and it ran like it should with no loss of power.

    It definitely fits into the cheap knock off category ($20 Hong Kong special!). The card and important connecting parts seem solid enough, but the plastic overall is pretty poor and rugged.

    Actually the mesh looked a little larger when I held them side by side, which might mean that more air is getting in? If it is a case of adjusting the carb settings, are there any tips?

    Heading from Melbourne this afternoon taking the Flowerdale route to Seymour, will stick with the original filter for now.
  10. Juust buy a genuine filter, bike cost $thousands, why muck it up for the sake of $tens with an air filter that is no good.