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Air Filter old?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GForce, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. i have a ZX2R and i was cleaning my air filter for the 1st time since ive had it and when i took the thing out, it started to rip easly. its made out of foam and i washed many foam air filters before but never anything like this happened. i rang up a dealer and they said the air filter is no good and it needs to be replaced. god damn it!! i am getting an aftermarket uni filter now and hopefully this thing doesnt crumble or rip easly.

    anyone else had this problem?

  2. Assuming you bought the bike 2nd hand it's possible that the previous owner washed the filter in something they shouldn't have - quite a few chemicals out there will destroy foam.
  3. what do u wash your air filter in guys? just normal water?
  4. Think most foam filters are designed to be washed in Mineral Turps, doubt water would harm the foam but is unlikely to remove all of the old oil.
    Edit: note that all foam filters will eventually age and fall apart - some chemicals can speed up this process though.
  5. JD, I always clean mine using dishwashing liquid and warm water. Am I damaging it?
  6. Doubt that dishawashing liquid would have anything harmful in it, just know a few dirt-bike riders who reckon that turps is the best thing to use (never used foam filters myself).
  7. How many K's do you have on your bike?
  8. its done approx 4000kms. i was told by kawasaki bolton that the previous owner didnt take care of the filter or washed it in something that caused the damage.

    the only thing i am worried now is when i get my new air filter, how much filter oil do i put in? i bought shells air filter oil ands its a sticky thick blue oil.

    has anyone here used it before?
  9. How much oil does depend on the oil you are using. What I have done in the past is to use an old shopping bag (so your hands dont end up covered in the stuff). The important thing isto makes sure the oil coverage is consistant over the entire filter. I would squeeze and let the filter soak it up until it is all covered. Then I would squeeze it until just about all has stopped dripping/coming out. Then when the filter returns back to its normal shape it should be good to go!!!

  10. cheers for the advice mate. ill do that when i get my new filter.