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Air Filter Oil or No Air Filter Oil

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Ok,
    So one mechanic i took the bike to puts filter oil on it.

    The the other complains about it and takes it off!

    On the road bike, Sticky Air Filter Oil or No Sticky Air Filter Oil?

  2. Think you need to supply more detail....ie. brand and model..type of filter fitted...

    A lot of modern sports bikes use a disposable paper air cleaner as standard.

    Aftermarket foam replacement filters like K&N for example, require oiling. In the case of my gumby, 8ml of oiling..according to K&N
  3. Unless there's some sort of new product on the market, any foam that can flow enough air to run an engine needs oil in order to stop any significant amount of crap.

    Foam filters don't filter by having pores too small for shit to pass through because, if they did, they'd suffocate your motor. They do it by making the airflow twist and turn through the cells of the foam and the heavier shit particles hit the cell walls and stick there because of the oil. No oil=no stick=no (or very little) cleaning effect.

    That said, it's easy to over oil. When I re-oil the DR's foam jobbie I find it very difficult to squeeze out enough of the excess so the bottom of the airbox gets a bit wet and mucky. Doesn't make any practical difference, but I can see how a third party mechanic might be a bit pissy about working on it in that state.
  4. is your bike carby or injected?

    if injected and the airflow is measured by element type Mass Air Flow meter (eg, Bosch) NO OIL.. EVER

    the way a MAF works is it has a little oxygen sensitive element in the unit that measures o2 content in the air. Then it can determine how much fueling is required at a set throttle deflection. The other way to do it is by MAP - manifold absolute pressure, which uses a vacuum hose to the pressure sensor to detect air flow (i like this type - simple and reliable, i built an engine computer using this input and Throttle position and nothing else - google MEGASQUIRT)

    guess what happens when the element gets covered? oiled sports filters cut the life of the MAF and they are usually not cheap to replace.

    carbies won't necessarily like a film of crap on them either, but not as sensitive and need periodic cleaning anyway.

    hope that answers your question. If injected and you don't want issues, go back to OEM filters. Notice how they are usually paper type and NOT oiled?
  5. Get the first mechanic to call the second mechanic!
  6. It is an OEM Foam type filter... My bike has a carby. I think im going to oil it...

    Can i use the same oil i use for my dirtbikes air filter? or is it different?
  7. Unifuilters are notorius for coming from new overoiled.The oil they use is like contact glue.
    There are less sticky air fuilter oils avalable.I use The Motal one on my dirtbike.For a roadbike that usualy doent cross deep water,like a dirtbike I would use those water soluable air fuilter oil,much easier to clean.
  8. OEM foam type?

    Does it say it needs oil? If yes - oil it, if no - don't.
  9. The DR's manual says just to use 10W40 engine oil. I use a jar of hydraulic oil that I happen to have handy and works just the same. TBH anything of about the right viscosity will do the job.
  10. It's really not that complicated;
    any mechanic who doesn't oil foam filters is a moron and shouldn't be working on bikes.

    It's pretty easy to service your air filter yourself, although it can get messy. I suggest wearing gloves.
    First take the air filter out, refer to the owners'/service manual.
    Get a container that is as deep and narrow as you can find while still having plenty of room to swish your air filter in, make sure the material is not one that will be harmed by petrol. Wash the air filter in the container with some fresh petrol until the petrol stops turning any darker. Squeeze out as much of the petrol out of the air filter as you can but do not wring the air filter. Put the air filter in a nice big zip lock bag. Pour a small amount of oil in - you won't need much, filling up the bag about half a centimetre from the bottom should do just fine. Use the same or close to the same viscosity of oil as you use in your engine (you do know what oil is in your engine don't you?), cheap stuff from SCA will do just fine. Work the oil into the air filter by squeezing and rubbing until the air filter is slightly wet with the oil. Now take the air filter out of the zip lock bag and squeeze as much oil as you can out of the air filter, again, do not wring. Let the air filter dry out in the sun for about half an hour, and reinstall - refer to the owners'/service manual.
  11. This will soon become War and Piece,Unifuilter recommend not using Petrol.It tends to melt the glue they use to hold the different foams together,it also tends to degrade the foam.They recommend Kero,its also less flammable.Even better are the water soluble filter oils,no solvent needed.Just soap and water.
  12. Great thanks guys.

    I do know how to do it. Ive done it for my dirtbike i was just unsure of if my road bike needed it too.

    Ill be going down to AMX today and grab a bottle of oil.

    Cheers guys!
  13. For cleaning I just use a strong detergent (washing up liquid) solution in water as hot as my hands will stand. Works fine and no nasty solvents.

    Afterwards I rinse it in similarly hot water and then leave to dry naturally. Takes a bit longer than it would using a volatile solvent but in WA it's rare to have too many days in a row when it won't dry in a couple of hours. Do it as the first job in a service and it's usually ready to go back in as the last.
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  14. Popped some of my dirtbikes airfilter oil on it today.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  15. Think I'll try it, have to admit my air filter is looking a little ratty around the edges after 3 or 4 cleans in petrol.
  16. K&N sell a cleaning kit that comes with a spray to clean it and the oil. I only apply the oil pretty lightly. My mate oiled the crap out of his once and it ran so rich it was hilarious, he had to redo it the next day.
  17. And wear gloves, filter oil is hard to get off your hands.
  18. I prefer no oil, disposable air filters for my bikes.... The thought of those K&N million mile filters just doesn't make sense to me.
  19. Go and get yourself some NoToil. Easy to apply, easy to clean.