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Air Filter Foam

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by journeyman, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. I want to modify the stock air filter for my NT650 and have been hunting
    around to find some suitable air filter foam for the job. Pod filters
    are difficult to fit on this bike and in any case I'd rather keep the
    stock airbox. Unifilter in Sydney will convert the current filter unit
    but I'd rather do it myself, and they won't supply filter foam in sheet
    form. Does anyone know of another supplier of a good quality air filter
    foam for this purpose?

  2. You are playing with fire here. Making your own air filter is not good. You would have to find foam with the correct flow rate of air. A mistake in this calculation would result in a bike that runs rich or lean. Also the smallest gap in the filter would let dirt through in to the motor. Original honda one are around $50 and only need replacing every 18,000 ks. Save your self the dramas and buy an original honda one.
  3. Yeah Pete - agree that random changes aren't the smartest thing to do. But the stock filter and exhaust are pretty restrictive, so the plan is to lean up the mix by both improving the filter and installing a new can - since this will mean it's breathing better - then rejet to richen back to the right air/fuel ratio. More air/fuel = more HP.

    Indeed, am suspicious that the previous owner may have already rejetted, as the plugs indicate that it's running a little rich right now. Will know when I check the current jets.

    FWIW, am not breaking new ground here - this is a common mod in the US where these bikes are more popular than here.
  4. lol buy any unifilter... take it to Clark rubber and ask them if they have THAT foam (i think there are two different bits of foam in Unifilter) they should be able to getsome as my friend did that it cost him $200 but he ended up with so much of it he never boathered to clean any filters just replaced them!!!

    Also a frind uses off the shelf foam (from clarks rubber) in his Kawasaki bikes... apparently there is foam that meats the OE specs...
  5. hmmm


    Clark Rubber should have it, as well as some other foam suppliers. You will need to ask for reticulated polyester foam. It is designed as an air filter. Comes in 6,12,25mm sheet thickness. In aus this is available in three cell sizes. The middle one works good for me. DO NOT buy regular non-reticulated foam, as this will restrict air flow almost completely. Shouldnt cost more than about $10.

    Email or msg me if you can't source it.
  6. Just be nice to the people at unifilter and they will send you down the foam in a plain sheet, well at least they did for me. Total cost $10 for foam and a bit for postage.

    Also make sure you use proper air filter oil (sticky shit), not engine oil (not sticky), other wise you will be sucking in dirt and other shit into the topend.
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