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Air Filter Cleaning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jypt, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Is it worth cleaning a air filter and if so what method would you use other than blowing it out.

    Currently my air filter needs attention and at 80+ bucks i am thinking maybe a wash could do the trick

    Anyone have an opinion?????
  2. Bite the bullet and but a K and N air filter. ( ebay can be cheaper even if it has to come from Germany or the states)

    After the first initial outlay, you can replenish the filter oil with a k and n filter kit and they are supposed to last well over 50,000k's (depending on the conditions you ride in e.g. dust,rain etc

    They also NOTICABLY improve acceleration as well.

    If you want even more horsepower, you can rejet carbs,fully flow exhaust and that will probably lead to timing, clutch and mixture problems/adjustments/improvements and on and on.........

    OR.......... you can just buy a more poweful bike :LOL:

    OR.......... you can be happy with just the improvment in acceleration and just enjoy your current ride like I do!!! ( the best option for your wallet!!) :LOL:

  3. i presume by you saying blowing out, this is a dry filter etc if this the case does compressed air from the inside out do the trick.

    also if it's a sponge type just wash with soapy water let dry in the shade and re oil with air filter oil, providing it's not falling apart.