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air cooled vs liquid cooled scooters?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by furbypimp, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. oks the question is
    air cooled vs water cooled?
    what is evedryones opionions to each of these engine types?
    and which can handle more modifications?

  2. Liquid cooled every time. The operating temp of the engine once warmed up remains a lot more stable. This allows closer tolerances to be used, higher compression ratios & also helps muffle mechanical noise.
  3. Liquid cooled > air cooled. Even though there is a little more maintenance required (i.e. flushing the cooling system and changing the coolant every 12-24 months or so), it's worth it.

    From what I can gather, liquid cooled scoots tend to be more reliable than air cooled ones. I'm assuming it's because of the consistent temperatures plus the fact that liquid cooled engines tend to run cooler than air cooled one.

    I've read stories about old liquid cooled 250cc Honda Spacys racking up 160,000km+ on their original engines, which is truly astonishing for a scoot. Compare that to the 10,000km or so between rebuilds on an air-cooled 50cc scoot ...
  4. a bloke with a 50cc air cooled jolie has done 30,000kms on a stock motor.

    so whats this 10,000kms rebuild stuff?

    water cooled is better but not many skoots have it and the ones that do are over $3k
  5. Bad information from a bike mechanic, obviously.. :oops:

    That said, it makes sense that an air-cooled 2-stroke 50cc scoot will be working its little heart out and need more major surgery more often than a larger capacity 4-stroke liquid-cooled scoot that's just trundling along.

    Let's put it this way - when I get on a 50cc air-cooled scoot and I'm doing 60km/h, it sounds like it's about to melt down at any second. Compare that with with my crusty old Spacy - that's basically idling at 60km/h!

    Granted, you pay more for the liquid cooled option, but if you're planning on hanging onto your scoot for a while and/or doing any sort of long distances, it's worth it in the long run.

    50cc scoots might make sense if you like changing your scoots over every 12 months, or you travel short distances through 50km/h zones, or if you're built like a jockey. But for us normal sized people that have to travel a fair distance to work in 60+km/h zones, 50cc scoots just won't cut the mustard at all.
  6. I've never had an air cooled scoot. Both mine are/were liquid cooled. Both the 50 and the 200.

    All the more expensive ones seem to be liquid cooled, i assume that means its better :p OK so that may be very simplistic reasoning but hey.
  7. well the yammy aerox 50 is liquid cooled

    but then the 100 isnt?
  8. it all depends on what you want...

    air cooled 2 stroke is max power for min cost

    4 stroke water for reliability

    Some granny did 38k on a de-restricted 50cc Gypsy around australia, only repairs were a battery and a rear tyre...

    I was told to expect 3-4 years or about 40k from my 50 cc air colled.

    Some chinese brands do a 50cc liquid cooled for $2k plus orc... very similar to the vmoto monza.. but they are heavy compared to the aircooled... (SCP Runna)

    I ride my sccoter 17-20 km's each way to work.. every working day, in 60 kph and 70kph speed zones and have no realy problems

    to me.. it all comes down to your preference (riding style, goals, budget)

    saying that, when shopping I wanted the Aprilla SR50 but couldn't afford it, so I got the best scooter and protective gear that was IN my budget. i looked at water cooled, and thought a about reliability, but for my riding the air cooled was fine. I have had my scooter for 9 months now, and it has paid for itself already in what I have saved over the train in time, insurance (car to train station), petrol, and rego.. So if it blows up at 10k.. I still have had a win! :grin:
  9. I remember about 6-8 months ago doing a service on my bike at a mates house, and an older bloke my mate knows questioned why they would put water cooling on a little bike like mine.... let alone any bike at all...

    He reckons its more things to go wrong, and said he would only buy an air cooled harley if he was to get a bike again...

    Less than a week later i unknowingly blew a o-ring out the cooling system and lost all the coolant and blew the top head gasket... I like the idea of air cooling now!
  10. Aircooled will also suck a lot of power from the engine, considering there isn't that much to start off I'd go for liquid any time

  11. I'm not a mechanic, but how would air cooled suck(reduce) power?

    If anything, liquid cooled tends to add weight and complexity, so I thought that would tend to reduce power...

    Most 2 stoke road/trails are air colled aren't they?? The whole point of 50cc 2 strokes, is max power for the small size, to produce trake off for use in traffic.. otherwise there'd be no point...

    Can anyone clarify?
  12. The only thing I could think is a liquid cooled could maybe use a hotter spark plug? ? ?
  13. More consistent cooling but more weight

    the power doesnt drop off like on an ac engine as you thrash it

    generally its better for hp but for cruizing the streets i would go for ac as its one less thing to go wrong
  14. If you ride in traffic, water make sense.. If you do open roads or back streets with no traffic lights etc, you'll never hear the fan of the radiator turning on.

    Having a fridge on a 50 is like putting loud pipes on a mobility scoot..!
  15. aircooled runs the fan of the engine , water cooled runs an impeller to push the water - 6 of one half a dozen of the other if u ask me
  16. Air cooled have problems on really hot days. I have had my air cooled jolie shut down from overheating on days when the temp has been over 40 degrees. I had to shut it down and sit under a tree for 10 minutes for continuing on. Or, you could ride a bit slower, 3/4 thottle for example, but nobody does that on a 50cc.