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Air con anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. good luck in your idea -- personally I am working on sunroofs for helmets
  2. I've sometimes wondered about the cooler vests that safety outfits sell for foundry workers and others exposed to ridiculously hot environments.
  3. protip: Keeping the back of your neck cool helps you perceive the overall temperature as lower. Saved my will to live many times when I used to lifeguard.
  4. Deliverance is on the way; we just got hit with a howling cool southerly in Wollongong...
  5. I think they already invented a product to help with discomfort while riding

    its called "man-up" - just one spray from this handy man bag sized can and you will no longer even notice the heat. :) :)
  6. =D> Well played, sir. Honestly I don't think it's all that bad riding in the heat, I was out when it was 42°, in my leather jacket no less. As long as you keep moving, it's not so bad.
  7. It's called Beer.
  8. As long as you keep hydrated you can ride, but by the time you become aware you're dehydrated it's too late. You're already making poor decisions. The issue with a 42c day in Melbourne is the total absence of humidity, meaning you're not even aware that you're sweating as it just wicks away in the air. Up here, you know you're sweating!
  9. Camelbak, savior of fools :)
  10. A long day of mid-40s can be quite rough, actually. Interestingly, I find in such temperatures that you're better off with the leather - to be all geared up and all sealed up. Keeps the hot air off you. And you can keep damp underneath. In such conditions, for the same reason, I find the mesh jackets horrible.

    This actually looks like a pretty good product. I could imagine myself cruising up to Broken Hill on my Gold Wing in the height of summer, stereo blaring, loving this thing and not giving a rat's what it looks like or how hard I am. Again, mid-winter through the foggy mountains.
  11. *tries not to look embarassed*

    I used to dress up in the Happy Heart costume for the Heart Foundation sometimes. Im here to tell you that you would get HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! in it. They got a neat little air conditioner unit that worked a treat, and only weighed a few kg. Ran for about 2 hours. That just leaves making a jacket that works with something like it. Of course, id love to see someone ride their bike in the Happy Heart outfit so they can get the AC unit.....

    I have no details on the unit, all i can say is something portable does exist, and it does work in an enclosed space. Might just hook it to your helmet and keep your head air conditioned :D or catch your death from breathing such cold air while your body roasts.