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Air compressors

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. The time has come for me to buy a compressor, but I really don't know much about them.
    I'll use it for adjusting tyre pressures and chain cleaning of course, but I'd also like to be able to drive a rattle gun and a spray rig if possible.

    So, can anyone tell me what I'm looking for?
    Bunnings has a 24 litre, 2.0 HP unit for $79, but will that do the jobs I've listed?

  2. Yah but it'll be LOUD and won't be rated for continuous running so don't expect to be able to sandblast with it.

    You might also wish to invest in a water separator as the cheapy compressors don't usually come with them.
  3. for 79 bucks I'd run it till it breaks and throw it away

    I think the cheap compressors are all much the same. My Aldi one has been fine for a couple of years of general use pumping tyres and paddling pools, running a rattle gun and a torque wrench etc. can't comment on the spraying but if it's got a year's warranty what's the worst that can happen?
  4. I have been looking at them also NK....get atleast 40L tank ,if your going to get any thing ,is what i've been told.
    See the super cheap auto catalogue..they have a combo deal ...2.5hp and 40 L.
    Plus hoses and tools ...save over $200.

    I'd get this combo ,but I'm waiting till they add the spray gun package ,don't what that tool package ...they swop this combo around every few months.
  5. A small gravity fed gun running a lot pressure will need 20-30 litres per minute, and a high volume gun will anywhere from 50lpm up to 150lpm. Pressure is normally about 30-60psi. Been a while since I have done any spray painting.

    So for a decent spray rig, you going to need about a 200lpm compressor or about 12-15CFM. The thing you don't want is to run out of air when painting.

    Those little compressors are only really good for pumping up tyres and using as air dusters. They will run some tools, but nothing that needs good torque. I doubt they would run a rattle gun very well. I also would not use one for a spray rig.
  6. I have one from super cheap 2.5hp and 40L tank


    Got it cheaper than that, they can be had not much over $100 when on special

    120psi max pressure, and its struggled to get top hats undone with a rattle gun on car suspension, with compressors on the springs as well.

    Also getting tight wheel nuts off it struggled as well.

    So spraying might be an issue, but generally its been good for everything else, except latge drying of the car, where the blower vac does a better job, It didnt have any where near enough volume for dry a car with decent pressure.

    They also get uber hot when the compressor runs a long time.
  7. Yeah that's the one I ended up getting Macca - $200 with a set of tools and a hose thrown in...
    It pumps up tyres and cleans chains well enough so I'm happy fpr the moment; haven't tried the rattle gun, impact hammer or grinder yet though...
  8. My compressor is a 22 cfm unit (120L tank) with a rating of 17 continuous. Running my HVLP guns are no problem as they only need about 8-10cfm.
    The spray gun in the air tool kit you get with these cheap deals is only good for fences etc!!! Never anything of any decent quality.
    The problem with these small compressors when using spray guns, even with a larger tank, is they 'pulse' the air through the gun giving a mottled spray pattern.
    can be rubbed out & buffed with a solid colour, but forget metalics.
    Rattle guns, well if the bolts undo quickly, ok, but if not you'll have to wait between trys for the tank to refill!
    Great for pumping up tyres & the kero gun that comes in the tool kit works well for cleaning parts.
  9. You need to spend $1000 to get a compresor that will do workshop jobs.

    Had mine for over 10 yrs, it has spray painted about 20 cars, and powered sanders, drills, pop rivetters, and sand blasted many a car body.

    Just too handy to not have.

    Look for belt drive (not direct drive), a water separator, decent purge valve to empty water from the main tank (condensate?) and as was said 12-15 cfm rating. Get the biggest tank you can, maybe up to 75 litres, and you will be set for a long time.

    Air tools cover almost every need, nibblers anyone?
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  10. So true, all of that.
    I've got air tools left over from when I had my panel shop.
    Even have a tool that puts a stepped flange & punches a hole in panel steel.
    Mainly used for welding rust repair sections in. Also for replacing new weld in panels. Punch the holes, MIG through & that reproduces the factory spot welds :D
    Rattle guns
    Air ratchets (Just great!)
    Air chisels with about 5 different fittings
    Various sanders
    Lots of other tools too
    The problem with the small compressors is they just wont run 'most' air tools. They just don't put out enough CFM.
    There are some quite expensive tools that only use around 4CFM, but you're looking at around $250 for a basic random sander!!
    Fine if all you want to do is pump up tyres & blow off excess kero from your chain when cleaning.
    But not much else.
    Just my 2c.
  11. Interesting that SCA are "giving away" a box of tools with theirs, that most here think would be too heavy for the compressor they're giving it away with!
    Also interesting that at 3 stores, nobody mentioned I'd need to buy some connectors before I could use the bloody thing either...
  12. That's the right list of features - steer clear of the little direct drive compressors like the Bunnings one that you were looking at.

    Not sure you need to spend $1000 though - this sort of thing will do the job - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AIR-COMPRESSOR-2-5HP-BELT-DR-50LT-TANK-12CFM-AFTERCOOLER-/110797438818?pt=AU_Air_Tools&hash=item19cc0abf62#ht_6178wt_907 - and as compressors tend to last a *long* time, they make pretty good second hand buys.
  13. That's not a bad deal for a compressor. Similar size to mine and half the cost. Mine will run 2 large coil guns no problem, and runs the rattle gun ok.
  14. That gives me some confidence since the one I got is almost exactly the same...
    I don't wanna start a bike-building business in my shed or anything, just keep things clean and inflated, and loosen the odd stuck nut without too much swearing...
  15. I bought that model when Supercheap had it on special back in 2004, it's still running quite happily...and if it does go wrong then the motors and compressor heads are readily available everywhere.
  16. Sorry, i thought this thread was about Harley Engines.
    Carry on.
  17. ^^^:rofl::rofl::rofl:
    You do realise that 80% of all Harleys are still on the road,,,,,
    The other 20% made it home!!
  18. Just to round this one off...
    Had the compressor out today to clean the chain, then decided it needed adjusting too.
    "I know", I thought, "Since I've got it out, I'll use the rattle gun to loosen the axle nut!"
    HA! I heard the hammer click about 6 times, nothing moved and the pump fired up again...

    Right now there's a custard in the fridge, getting cold and growing a bit of a skin; I have my doubts...
  19. That's probably down to the rattle gun, rather than the compressor...and don't use it for the axle nut!
  20. I think most of the "Low budget" compressors are much the same.. Freakin noisy too. I ended just getting a cheap second hand 45L 2.5HP one. I use it mostly for painting, pumping up tyres, but I found that using some of those larger HVLP guns the the compressor will be running every few minutes.

    Most of the time I use one of these guns http://www.iwata-medea.com/index.php/products/lph_80 they run forever on a tank of air. Great for spraying tanks and smaller scale things

    Hope that helps