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Air compressor and rattle gun

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Loz, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Those dirty bastards at Supercheap have been constantly lowering the prices on their cheapo 2.5 horsepower air compressors for the last couple of years.

    And last night I got a catalogue showing they've dropped it again... And added a rattle gun... For $159. The temptation is becoming too great. Finally I will defeat the evil front sprocket nuts that have angered me so.

    Looking around at ebay and the like, it seems that's cheaper than you can get 'em secondhand. Can anybody talk me out of buying this thing? I'm feeling weak and needy. All I'd use it for would be occasional rattlegun action during servicing and doing tyre pressures, for the moment.
  2. I reckon you should get it, and a tyre inflator attachment to.

    Oh talk you out of it... I can't see a reason not to,
  3. I'm buying one today too Loz.
  4. I'll bet you it's made in China.

    (How's your fire insurance?)
  5. They're not hi output CFM (8?) wise but for simple garage jobs they seem ok.
  6. Get yourself a dust blower nozzle too. Compressed air is SO handy!
  7. Thank you Titus.

    You other mongrels aren't helping AT ALL.

    Resolve... Weakening...
  8. Yeah, go on, do it, you know you want to.
  9. Get it then do the air compressor farts.
    Would post the vid, but work blocked youtube.
  10. Get a torque wrench instead :p

    Doesn't the compressor tighten the crap out of the bolts or is it adjustable?
  11. #11 Loz, Aug 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Compressor would mainly be for undoing mongrel bolts like the one currently holding the front sprocket onto my new engine.

    That, and doing air compressor farts.

  12. I gave in months ago... you're a better man than me Lozzo!
  13. Do it !!! You WILL be so happy down the track.
  14. Do it. Rattle guns are awesome! :LOL:
  15. Do it, they make life so easy. No more 'what if' moments.

    Must haves are tyre inflator and dust gun.
  16. would an itty bitty one like that still power a rattle gun meanly enough to undo the big bolts?
  17. good stuff. now to collect my commision from super cheap and to wait for you to post a air gun fart vid.
  18. Um, anyone got any tips on good air gun farting? Best I can manage is a pitch-controlled squeak, and I fear I may be damaging my buttocks in the process.
  19. Oh, and there's definately certain angles one shouldn't try. I think I may have inflated myself.