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air cleaner element maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. wondering how often should i clean the element?
    also the periodic maintenance manual mentioned every 12k km however the inside note mentionedto clean it after rain. which one is correct?

    also is it better to saturate new element w/ oil, or put it in straight away?
  2. Is it paper or foam? Paper filters don't get oiled, it will ruin them. If it's foam then follow the instrcutions on the filter oil container.

    Best way to clean a paper filter is to blow it out from behind with compressed air.

    I personally wouldn't bother cleaning it unless you ride lots of dirt road, just buy a new one every 10k km's or so if they're cheap enough.
  3. What sort of element is it, paper or foam?

    It depends a lot on the type of riding, personaly paper element clean every oil change, tos it every 20,000k.
    Foam clean it every 10,000k.

    If you do a LOT of dirty dusty roads may be twice as often.

    Remember the filter is the only thing keeping the nasties out of your engine inards, more is better.
  4. thanks guys. it's a foam type.

    if i put a new foam, is it better to saturate w/ oil like when cleaning it, or since it is new, put it in straight away?

    oh the engine felt better after i clean and saturate it w/ oil
  5. I just put a K&N in the VFR, it was pre oiled.
  6. hm okay. guess mine had dried out..
  7. I have a paper one and I take a air compressor to it.
  8. Foam elements need to have a little bit of oil on them, to trap dirt. If it had no oil the small dirt particles would just vibrate through the filter, enter the engine and cause increased engine wear/damge.

    Clean it if it a reusable one, and then lightly oil it with oil that ur user manual recommends.
  9. wow might have piled up dust if i didn't check it. do you reckon with melbourne weather i should clean it more often? e.g. every 3k km?
  10. better to do it more often then not. If its easy to get to and clean, get urself a can of airfilter oil, and its a 5min job.
    I know with my 2 stroke it hate a dirty air element. Need to clean it every 1000km or so.
  11. actually it took me 3 hours :LOL: luckily the oil is the same as my engine oil. do you know a tool for squeezing it? i'm not feeling like squeezing it with hand again
  12. Get some hard cardboard or plastic sheets and yeah press them together firmly. I really do recommend the can oil. Its like 10 buck and can be used like 100 time. 10c a spray. :grin: :grin:
  13. I've got a unifilter elemement in my bike, and I clean it using degreaser(probably not good but cant be stuffed doing it the long way) spraying from inside out. Lots of crap and dirt come out btw.

    Then I rinse and shake water out and use a foam filter spray and put a light coat on it.

    Chuck it back in and wake up the next morning/evening and ride to where ever.
  14. just remove wash it put it on an old newspaper spray with air filter oil then squeeze out the excess oil and reinstall.

    just as easy also with the gpx just remove the seat and the bolts and the rubber holder to get to the filter no need to completely remove tank.
  15. Get a big snap lock glad bag from the supermarket, put the filter and some oil in and squeeze the oil through the filter inside the bag, no mess no fuss.
    this also helps to see if youve cleaned the filter properly as you can se if the oil gets dirty, i used the same bag for years when i was riding dirt bikes. i used to do the dirt bike filters ever 500 k or sooner if it was realy dusty.