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Air brushed helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boro_baba, May 27, 2008.

  1. A few months ago I saw a helmet on eBay and it was fully airbrushed including the screen!

    It was air brushed to look like a skeleton. The visor had mesh on it and it was the mesh that was airbrushed not the actual visor. Im pretty sure the add said that the mesh only reduced visability by around 5%.

    It looked friggin awsum. Just wanted to know if any one here knows where to get one as im in the market for a new helmet and these things are on the top of my wish list.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Something like this you mean. There's a range of designs on eBay, not sure on the quality/practicality/legality of them though.
  3. THATS IT!!!

    But I want the entire helmet pre-airbrushed and the visor aswell.

    This looks like its just a visor kit! :(
  4. I think you'll find its a stretchy fabric sock that fits over the top of your existing helmet. My question is, with the sock fitted, how do you flip up the visor?????
  5. Boro... I think its hideous. You should get it.

  6. Yea you can buy the strechy sock things but like you said how would you open the visor?!? :?

    The ones im talking about had an airbrushed mesh (like the security doors on some houses) stuck to the visor and the entire helmet was also airbrushed.

    If that makes ANY scence! its hard to describe something not using my hands! (Im a wog!) :p
  7. deleted.
  8. Have another look at the ad
    That ad is for the stretchy sock that covers the helmet - the sticker for the visor is sold separately.
    See here
  9. Ahhh I see! :)

    Thats sort of what im looking for... the one I want is FULLY airbrushed not just a fabric sock :(
  10. deleted.
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  12. If you just want an airbrushed helmet buy a plain one and take it to an airbrush artist.
  13. True... I guess that works too. How much do you recon it'd cost all up to get it all airbrushed?
  14. You could put some posts around universities asking Graphics students...
    Ask them to show you some work first -
    Good experience for them - and cheaper for you.
  15. Very smart thinking! I like :)
  16. I'd give my right eye to see what the posts saying 'deleted' said...
  17. I bet...
    Nothing relevant to the topic - so we deleted them.