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air bleed tool needed for VTR 250, help with carbys

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ducati_davidson, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. does anybody know where i can get the D-shaped air bleed adjustment tool to suit the honda VTR 250 carbs ? I have a Yoshi can fitted and it runs rich on idle but feels a little lean around the top end and midrange

    Now correct me if im wrong but adjusting the air bleed will take care of the idle\low speed circurts in the carb and fix my richness at and off idle

    as for the leaning out at WOT top end and midrange, also noticing very lite flatspot around 7-8000 RPM
    Do the needles in these carbies have adjustable circlips, if so what affect on the mixture and bike will shifting the circlip have, or do i need to step up the jet size to fix my leaning out issue?

    I am a car and truck mechanic so i have had exprence with engines and carbys but bike carbys are something new that i would like to tackle.

    I've downloaded the VTR 250 manual from netrider but the scanned pic's are a little blurry on some of the carb breakdowns

    Also if it's possible to loan a air bleed tool or use one so just long enough that i can cut notch in the back of the air bleeds so they can be adjusted by a flat bladed screw driver :)