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Air bag jackets.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jimmyjames182, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Searched the forum regarding these, there was one thread but it was as much about journalistic integrity as anything.

    Here's a link for an article on air bag jackets:


    I don't know what road safety testing has been done (if any) to confirm how good they are but they seem on surface to be a reasonable device.

    Worth $700 - what do people think?
  2. I think I will put it off until I'm in the same situation!
  3. If you read through the whole of the other thread, you'll find FLUX's thoughts (I think it was him) plus another post towards the end, that mentions an air canister in the front, and bodily insertion.

    As it is, it started to sound like a poor idea.

    Unashamedly taken from a post by Tony E in this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=57342&start=15

  4. Yep, I trawled through the 4 pages in that thread and those two posts were the most relevant.

    The canister against the chest is a problem for accidents where the rider does not leave the bike and hence inflate the air bag ie: head ons.

    Can't help but think there might be something to this product and would like to see some independant testing.
  5. Interesting side note..

    So if you are not meant to carry anything in your pockets, where do you carry them?

    I try not to carry my house keys in my pocket as it has sharp edges etc, but mobile phone, I do in my jacket pocket. What do others here do?
  6. If you have to carry anything there are plenty of different types of bags available i.e. tank bags, pillion seat bags, soft or hard luggage or if you have the room your phone, house keys and wallet under the seat is a better alternative to being in your pockets
  7. Yes, but even where the rider does leave the bike, the jacket deflates. If you're still bouncing, or sliding, you might suddenly be bouncing or sliding on the canister.
  8. The manufacturer says the jacket deflates over a 3 minute period via a slow release valve so I think you'd be protected from the metal canister while it's inflated.

    What's needed is some objective testing
  9. Well?
    Buy a jacket and throw yourself off your bike then come back and tell us how it went. :wink:
  10. Getting offtopic for a bit, what's wrong with the keys being on a keyring for the bike's key? Unless you're one of these fellows that has twenty million keys hanging off his key ring. Me, I have the bike key and two house keys on mine. Car key is separate.

    What's the problem with having your wallet in your back pocket? Or even a jacket pocket? It's flat, no sharp edges, etc.

    As for the phone, well, it could be a problem, particularly if it has a short antenna on it like some NextG models do.