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Aint the weather grouse!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Just trying to get some posts here!.
    (justify our existence)


    When I woke up this morning, and looked outside, I felt soooo looking forward to the ride to work!.
    I ride every day, hail, rain, and shine, but it is soo much better in the shine!.

    Went past a work colleague (he was caged) at a set of lights. He was doing 2 kmh, I was doing 100kmh. He almost choked on his coffee!.

    And the whole week looks good.
    (apologies to those in Brissy, I think God got the order wrong, and gave you our weather!)

    So what does anyone else think?
  2. Pete, the weather is awesome right now.. I believe Monday is looking the goods too.. :grin:
  3. Today was stunning weather for a cruise down the Mornington Peninsula :)
  4. Remember a "cruiser" is a style of bike ,the way you ride it is another story. :wink:
  5. yeah my mate Sherry got tomorrow off on flex
    (she is also my workmate)
    spewing she grabbed the last spot before I thought of it :evil: :LOL:

    both her husband and herself are headed off on their nice weekend Cruise
    M50 and intruder 250

    I will let them know there is a cruiser section for them here on netrider now

  6. were having great weather here in adelaide just waiting till wednesday now so i can take the bike out for a nice cruuiisse hope the weather holds up till then :cool:
  7. Yesterday was a glorious day on the South Coast and Highlands, too. And we're supposed to have 24 degrees today, YAY!!!
  8. just saw the weather i they are saying around 21 degrees wednesday so looks like ill be having a nice ride :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :cool:
  9. The numbers of bikes on the road mid week have exploded with the warmer weather.

    Used to just dive between the cars.
    Now you have to look to see if someone else is already aiming for it!
  10. Hey Peter. Did you end up buying yourself a 109R yet mate? I cant stay off mine....Bring on the weather.
  11. No, bought another investment property, so have to delay for 6 months or so. This wealth accumulation stuff stops you buying toys!

    Having said that, I take over management of a Suzuki (car) dealership soon, and hope to be able to wangle some sort of special deal if I can, so could be sooner.