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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by xorgate, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Hey Netrider,

    I'm a nerd from WA with an R-E license and a '07 CBR125.

    Only fully sik mod I have for it at the moment is a snorkel mod - basically airbox restrictor taken out. That and some new Sport Demon tyres.

    This week alone I'll be:

    - Changing the front sprocket to 14t, -1 off stock. 7%ish change in ratio but first gear's short... Dirtbike short.
    - Replacing the factory spark plug with an NGK CR9E.. manual says "for extended high speed riding".. usually WOT the thing up to the speed limit.
    - Doing standard shit, oil flush with Penrite 10W40, lube, filter changes, new brake pads and a disc.

    The bike's license plate holder is integrated with the mudguard and bottom side of the bike, so I'll be sourcing a 'custom mount' fender eliminator to bolt on to a spare mudguard that I've sourced from a wrecker and attacked with a dremel. Should make for a kickass commuter.

    Would love to cut open a spare stock can and take the baffles out, weld it back together etc but both my tools and time behind them are lacking.

    Future bike will probably be an ABS CBR250, or whatever the "Lightweight Supersport Concept" bike Honda are developing will become.

    After that, full Rs and an '07-'09 600RR if any are still alive by that point.

    See you folks on the road. :D
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  2. Welcome to the forum, xorgate, I guess you are in the electronics field from your Nic. :)

    . xor.
  3. Self evident from your user name.

    As for the message in your avatar, over here in NSW we have some cops of the female persuasion, and, if only I was 40 years younger......
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome to NR xorgatexorgate
    it does have a nicer ring to it than 'exclusive or gate'
  6. Welcome :D

    <-- was an electronics engineer (amongst other things) in a past life :)
  7. Cheers folks, been an IT lackey for 5 years, CompSci w/ Comp Sec major hence the username. :)

    "So.. want to get for a drink after work? Can only stay for 5 though, got to take this stolen car interstate. :v"
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  8. You probably need to be an Exclusive Nor though. If things are the same do something different. if things are different do the same. ;)
  9. Welcome to NR. :)
  10. That sounds the logic of a teenagers' mentality... I think you've just worked out the teenager mindset!
  11. Welcome to NR..
  12. Aye, sorry.... I forgot......

    Welcome xorgate, from one 125 bike rider to another.
  13. CrazyCamCrazyCam cheers mate. 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

    Got the sprocket change done. Revs a bit more, but takeoff is a lot smoother and traffic is more managable.

  14. WooHoo! I should write a paper.
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  15. #15 xorgate, Feb 12, 2016
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    Went for a ride. -1 tooth on this bike's pretty much a recommendation at this point.

    Acceleration's a little more choppy, but that's to be expected given how I ride it. Definitely gives it that edge I thought it was lacking.

    Can cruise in 6th gear at 60km/h and hit 105+, so not a great reduction in top speed. Moving around 90-100 now is much more manageable too.

    Pick-up from speeds where the original gearing would've had problems is a little more forgiving. Less 'thumpthumpthumprrrrrrr' and more 'thumrrrrrrrr'.

    ...Though 2nd can still catch me out...

    Downshifts just as unforgiving as before, 4-5k RPM seems to be the sweet spot.
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