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Ahoy hoy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sparrowfall, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. another noob dropping in to say hi.

    currently cutting my teeth on a scooter commuting to work.. i have to admit it's a bit of a gutless wonder and i'm left wanting more. my crystal ball predicts a motorcycle in the near future. if only it was also predicting the coin to fund said motorcycle.

    having fun learning to ride but have to admit to having problems turning right. i'd rather go left 270deg zoolander style in order to turn right, but it's just not practical now is it...

    looking forward to tapping into all the info here.

    adios for now.

  2. Hi there Jess, welcome to the forums. And yes, bikes are definitely the way to go :grin:
  3. Hey there Jess, and welcome

    And yes, I actually laughed out loud at the thought of a scotter turning 270degrees to get onto King St :)

  4. Welcome to NR Jess... gutless - no way. The first step (or ride as the case may be) is the hardest and you have succeeded there. Just update when you're ready - and have fun shopping when that time comes! LOL.

    There's so much info on this site that covers just about any situation - and if there isn't a post to cover what you need, plenty of good folk ready to help out with the necessary info/advice should you require it.

    See you on the roads some time! Happy trails to you! :grin:
  5. Hi Jess and welcome.

    Well you know what they say about developing riding skills - practice, practice, practice.

    So given that instead of turning 270 degrees to go right, you should be turnng turning 270 degrees to go left. That way for each left you will get to practice, practice practice your right turns.

    Seriously though, just get out and practice on a quiet street or a car park. It will come.
  6. thanks all for the advice and encouragement.

    the carpark and i are good mates at the moment :)

    oh and king st, have to cross it going to and from work.. luckily for me i just go straight thru it - no turning required :grin:
  7. hehe

    you coming along to the L's night Tues? You'll probably find it very helpful
  8. man i remember when i was living overseas and 600cc scooters were all the rage...

    they'd take off from lights n destroy sports bikes n nakeds

    funny sh!t

    welcome homes!
  9. Tues is out for me until the NY (xmas parties much).. I'll look into it for next year.
    Is there normally a scooter or two?
  10. Sometimes, though don't worry, you wont be out of place... except if you don't turn right.. then you may experience difficulties :LOL:

    see ya in the new year!
  11. Welcome Jess. I started out on a scooter. Crashed it. And decided I was ready for a bike. Here we are :cool: