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ahoy hoy from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NuffNuff, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hey I'm Damian a 22 year old from Melbourne, recently got my L's for a motorcycle at HART. Dislocated my knee hours before the test during training when I snapped up the clutch during an emergency braking procedure then snapping the brake with the same force. Ended up passing on the same day so all is good. :D

    Looking forward to getting a CBR250RR in the near future and having a ride with a group of you guys/gals.

    Tute on!

  2. welcome congradutlations and sorry to hear all in one :LOL:

    happy bike hunting
  3. haha thanks

    Fall off and get right back on. :D
  4. thats my moto, its happens way too often :shock: what doesnt kill us make us stronger
  5. Welcome to NR, NuffNuff

    I, too, may have come off during an emergency braking manoeuvre while training for my L's ... but don't tell anyone :p
  6. haha, I was going along looking at the speedo instead of uphead .. grabbed the clutch fast and then the brake and locked it and leaned right so I chucked all my weight on the left and put my foot down to stop it from falling .. but it just kept falling and my shoe wouldnt rotate to let my knee bend so my knee rotated around nicely while my foot faced forwards. Xray today showed up nothing and I'm feeling heaps better .. time to go shopping for a bike soon me thinks. :D
  7. That's enuff of the falling of for a while ok!

    oh and hi :)
  8. welcome and hope your next ride is a far safer one and you stay upright :wink:
  9. Welcome to the NR world.. Lets hope you have had your one and only fall.. :cool:
  10. Welcome to NR.
  11. :rofl: you're set for life; you got all your dramas over BEFORE you got your Ls.

    Welcome to Netrider :).
  12. Congrats on getting your L's
  13. In regards to buying from a dealership, if they have a cbr250rr at $5,500 is it reasonable to think i could get them down to $4,800 or so? or atleast chuck in some free gear? I imagine bikes are harder to get a discount on as the margin they make would be small already. Any advice would be good on how to go about getting one from a dealership as I may not have too much free time to keep going around to peoples houses checking out bikes.
  14. they'd probably try and say 4,990 is the lowest they'll go.
    try and negotiate a *discount* on gear as well.

    i had a dealer bring a bike down about $600 and then offer 25% off all gear, however i found that paying full price for gear and getting a priv sale bike still worked out cheaper.

    if your a NR member u get 10% off gear at some places, i was silly and didnt use it, and instead paid up $50 to join the 'club' at the bike shop and got 10% off my gear that way.
  15. Hi Damian, welcome. Good to see you got your first off out of the way nice and early. See you on a ride sometime soon :)
  16. Sounds like a good idea, I look forward to finding some time to shop around a bit in a couple of weeks.