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Ahoy from SE Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrData, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Recently joined this site and have only 5 weeks ago purchased my first bike, a Honda CBR650F LAMS. I've been thinking about getting a bike for some time, held off mainly because... well, to be honest I didn't trust myself not to do something stupid when I was younger. Then I had my first son and a couple of years disappeared, so I realised that if I didn't get a bike now, I would likely never do it. Finally, on the day before my second son was born, I picked up my bike.

    Best thing I've ever done (other than having my family) :)

    I love riding, the sheer involvement of it, the level of attention required and the feel of the road through my legs. It is all encompassing and exceptionally rewarding, at least for me. I love the challenge of having to learn a ton of new stuff. I'm also glad I waited until my thirties, until I had a good fifteen years of road experience under my belt before getting the bike; I suspect I would have done the aforementioned stupid thing if I had not.

    I commute every day from SE Melbourne into the CBD; here's what I've learned so far:
    • You (collectively) are right - we are invisible
    • Taxi drivers don't seem to pay a lot of attention to where they merge
    • Trucks are really big
    • Leading with the chin and shoulder into corners is bloody magic; you look and presto! the bike goes in that direction
    • Riding in the rain is awesome fun
    • There's a lot to learn

    Also, big thanks to Robsalvv and Mouth for the exceptional depth and breadth of resources and insight you guys have provided on this site. Especially the tip about leading with the chin and the n00b rider 101 posts.

    Anyway, glad to be part of the community.

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  2. Yes trucks are really big, aren't they! Welcome to NR and a lifetime of addiction utopianutopian :happy:
  3. welcome aboard :) nice bike
  4. Thanks Jeffco. Love the bike, makes me grin when I look at it. Cleaning it obsessively at the moment.
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  5. Thanks Goldenberri.
  6. Thanks Benny... Nice bike, love the sound of the triple.
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  7. Brilliant, thanks! Out of interest, how do I make people's names pop up with their avatar in a post?
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  8. Just precede the user name with an @ symbol, the site will take care of the rest.
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  9. Welcome utopianutopian
    I read your intro and thought you were bike shopping when eight months pregnant ?
    Congrats, hope it's all going well with the latest addition.
    So the bike is your escape ? :)
  10. Love your choice in bike, welcome utopianutopian
  11. Thank you Sir :)
  12. Probably nowhere near enough PetesulPetesul... but I'm new here ;)
  13. LOL Stever42Stever42 not quite - I'm the one who got to have the fun, the wife did the work in making the kids. All is well, but the lack of sleep is kicking our arse at the moment; but hey, that's ok, it passes quickly.

    The bike is very much my escape. I find the total immersion in it stops me from thinking about anything else. A colleague of mine who rides said that would happen and he was right - no matter how cruddy the day was, by the time I'm home it's all washed away.
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  14. Thanks JaydonJaydon. I originally had set my mind on the CB500R, but the persistent sales person insisted I take the 650 for a ride after the 500. I'm a relatively big feller (186cm and 85-ish-kg) and the 650 just feels better suited to me. Besides, the thought process was I would de-restrict it when the time came; it would be a good transition between learner and stoopidbike.

    Though from what I can see online, nobody has a clear path on de-restricting these things; perhaps it's not possible... not really a problem for the moment.
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  15. Welcome mate,surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but when time allows try and head to Saturday morning practice in Elwood, all welcome and a great place to pick up some practical tips and training. Plus link up to the Saturday epic rides if your wife is feeling generous...
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  16. Welcome to NR..
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  17. Welcome buddy
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