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ahoy from Melb!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bungs, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm Chris and I just moved to Melb from Adelaide for work. Ride a k7 gsxr600...

    Looking forward to attending a few meets and hitting some twisties.

    Where's the best place to look for spur of the moment type rides? I see the vic section but that's just pretty much rides that have been planned a few weeks in advance.

    For instance I'm keen to meet some peeps for a ride tomorrow morning but there's nothing that's been organised :(

    Anyway next week I'll start attending weekly coffee meets, which day/place has the biggest attendance?

    Cheers fellas,

  2. Welcome Chris.
  3. welcome to melb!

    :grin: Well welcome to Melbourne. there are some great rides every so often out towards/into the Dandenongs I am not sure what suburb you live in but there are often meeting places like Mobil servo in Rowville (outer east) corner of Stud rd & Wellington rds. or 7/11 store cnr burwood Hwy and station st in Ferntree Gully (near the hills) usually around 10am sat or sun mornings but check the website first. also I think maybe Burvale Hotel carpark in Burwod this is cnr of Sprinvale Rds and Burwood Hwy. I dont know about other locations elsewhere as I am an eastern subs gal :p

    I used to live in Ferntree gully but have just moved to Vermont (outer/middle eastern area of Melb) PM me and we can go for a ride with others sometime if u like. Im the one with "Have Fun" on the back of my helmet! my bike is a Honda Shadow cruiser. (red)

    Netrider people are a great bunch so hope to see you out on some rides soon!!!! Ciao bikechickadee
  4. Welcome, mate.
  5. Hi Chris and welcome to Melbourne and NR. Let us know where in Melb you are located and we may be able to help you get involved with some rides. I'm based on the Peninsula and a group of us ride most weekends.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys (and girls).

    I'm in Glenroy but don't mind a bit of a ride to get to places, got nothing better to do with my spare time i suppose hehe

    Will be attending the ride for the hills this sunday but not sure how to differentiate between normal folk and NR chumps :p Will probably meet up at the northland meet point beforehand. :)

  7. Look for a Netrider number-plate surround. Find one, and you'll probably find some other Netriders. They tend to flock together, like birds of a feather (or lemmings :LOL:)
  8. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Netriders are easy to spot. They are differentiated by the fabulous good looks and charm, charismatic personalities and superior riding skills.

    And did I mention egos?