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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pocketz, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. So i decided to buy a motorbike before i got my license and when my mate was riding it home the engine ceased. Needed a top end rebuild, so i took it back to the guy i bought it off (note this was early december) and he said i would have it back second week of Jan.

    So i booked my learners on the 14th of Jan so i could ride as soon as i got my license. Called the company i purchased the bike through and they said the guy who was organising it went overseas for a few weeks and was arriving back on the Monday (18th of Jan). Called up on Monday and the bike had not even been taken away yet. So he says he will take it away Tuesday and it will be about a week.

    Then i recieve a call at work today, another 3 weeks before i get it back. All i want to do is ride :(. Contemplating a refund but i got it a good price and at least i won't have to do another top end rebuild for around 10,000k's.

    Edit: Note also he isn't even taking it to a shop to be repaired but to a mate who is a mechanic, haven't got good feelings about this.
  2. Ever considered WHY you got it at a "good price"????
  3. Im young and stupid :). And the bike is the one i wanted, to bad it was a dud.
  4. So it's a 2 stroke right?
    Not a bad choice and probably not a dud either.
    What bike is it?
  5. Nah not a dud, just an unfortunate situation. Yes it's a 2 stroke, Aprilia rs125 '05. Done around 14000k's and didn't have the top end rebuild done.
  6. Go to Bunnings, grab a line trimmer, rip the engine out, fit to RS125, problem solved ;)
  7. Wooo slow done there. He's not even a learner. He won't be able to handle that much power.

    Besides I doubt the chassis would either.
  8. just go to officeworks, buy an automatic pencil sharpener and install it. Itll also make ur bike a whole lot lighter!
  9. while this thread has gone off topic:

    Seriously, you are about to learn an expensive lesson. Things that are cheap are usually not, they often cost more in the long run.

    I hope it works out for you, but I doubt it will. If it was me I would be jumping down the phone for him to get it fixed now (a top end rebuild is nothing, but if the engine seized I reckon there is a lot more expensive work there) or a refund. Personally I would scream for the refund because if it seized due to a lack of maintence the rest of the bike is probably ****ed, 2 strokes hate when it when the maintenance isn't done, as it seized probably more damage is done and he will blame you as it will be expensive to fix to get out of paying for it. Get onto it now, otherwise you will get screwed.

    And getting parts for an aprilia 2 stroke is a biatch - start finding reputable online vendors.
  10. Maybe get a four stoke 250 so you dont have to try to avoid stacking when you hit band and you wont have that crap pipe noise small 2 strokes hav
  11. Damn! From the heading I thought this post was going to be about sex.